Saturday, March 10, 2007

Two friends

Yesterday, Kaoru-san and Shiozaki-san came over for a big patchwork day. Kaoru-san really got far on her Ocean Storm quilt top! She's been hand piecing it for quite awhile and finally finished up yesterday. She also got the borders on (with a little help from me. She is slightly allergic to sewing machines!) so now she needs to decide what to do with the quilting lines. I think she went home with four of my books to ponder and pour over until she chooses a quilting pattern. There's Patora breaking in Kaoru-san's flimsy. Patora never visits us when Kaoru-san comes for English but she has to be in the midst of everything whenever we do patchwork!

Shiozaki-san is nearly finished with her blocks for the Pineapple Blossom quilt. I sort of coerced her into making one the last time she visited and she has been plugging away ever since. I think she said she had 40 blocks done. That sounds like enough, right? Sorry, no pictures of her progress. When she gets it to the flimsy stage I'll be sure to take a pic.

As for me... I put the binding on the Wicked quilt even though I hadn't finished quilting it yet. It takes too much concentration for me to try to chat with people and machine quilt at the same time. I'm hoping to finish it up today though I don't have any quilting in the borders yet. I may leave it plain, or I may try some free-hand quilting.

Dare I tell you this... I'm not even finished with this Wicked Quilt and I'm hoping to start another one today... For the recipient's sister! That means I have to have two quilts done by next week! I told you I'm crazy!

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Conni Lu said...

Tanya, this quilt is wonderful :D The quilt has such movement. Having quilt friends over to share time & quilting is so nice.