Friday, March 23, 2007

Wicked quilts go home

Yesterday, Hiromi-chan and her sister came for their last lesson and I gave them their Wicked quilts. They seemed pleased with them and I'm glad I made them for the girls. I hope to see both Keiko and Hiromi when they come back to Utsunomiya in the summer.

I've known both these girls since they were in kindergarten! I was teaching them at the kindergarten when they were there and after that off and on privately. Doesn't that make me feel old!

I decided to make a great babaloa recipe from my friend, Eiko-san to serve the girls and it really was delicious. Unfortunately I had planned to make it in a gelatin mold but when I got to the "pour into mold" part I couldn't find my mold! I must have tossed it in one of my cleaning sprees. I know I had one years ago... No longer in any cupboard though I looked high and low. The babaloa was still delicious.

Strawberry Babaloa

1 pack strawberries
2 egg yolks
4 tablespoons sugar
200 cc. milk
15 g gelatin
70 cc. water
22 cc. cream

  1. sprinkle gelatin over water and let set
  2. heat milk and sugar slightly, add gelatin
  3. add egg yolks
  4. blend strawberries, milk mixture, and cream in blender
  5. pour into mold and let set two hours
  6. serve with strawberry sauce or jam


teodo said...

Hi Tanya! I think that you are really a very nice person and that you are sweet like the sweets that I saw in the picture. ciao ciao and have a nice weekend

Conni Lu said...

Great looking girls holding great looking quilts. :)