Saturday, April 07, 2007

An old quilt

Not a very interesting day yesterday. A lot of errands in town; post office, bank, buy dog food and a new leash for Choco (she broke her other one. She's a strong dog!) Came home to do some sewing on the border but was not happy with the result! I sewed the stem on and pinned the colorful flowers but depending on the placement it was too straight and didn't have enough movement! So I snapped a couple pictures and sent them to the others who are working on the border and told them to wait until we got a unanimous opinion about what to do. This computer age is so great! One friend was already on the computer so we talked on the phone and could critique the border by telephone/computer. This morning I got confirmation from the other two about how to proceed so we're back and running. If not for the computer we would have had to wait for another two weeks before all of us got together to make a decision!

Nothing to show you today so I'm pulling out a picture from quite a few years ago. This is a quilt I made for my brother and his wife. One summer Marcy said she wanted to buy a bed spread and she was looking at things at Sears etc. I piped up. "This is what I do, Marcy. Tell me your colors and I'll make you a quilt!" So we bought blue and yellow fabric with absolutely no idea what pattern I was going to use nor how much fabric I might need. Back in Japan I decided on the One Arc Double Wedding Ring and still had to buy more fabric. My friend had loaned me her Electric Quilt software and I designed my one and only computer quilt and then went to work on it. It is machine pieced and hand quilted. It is probably the biggest quilt I've ever made, I think it was queen sized. I'm not sure how long it took me but I know I took to the States and gave it to Marcy the next summer so it was on my mind for the whole year. A couple years later they bought a king sized bed, but the quilt is on the bed I use when I visit in the summers!


Conni Lu said...

You are SO talented! What a wonderful quilt!

I agree, this computer age is such a time saver. Look at us, we chat across the world almost daily now. It's exciting. :)

Nancy said...

It is a lovely quilt.

I liked reading about buying the fabric without knowing what the pattern was going to be. When I do that, I freeze up twice -- once when I'm buying the fabric, worrying that I'll be 1/8 yard short three years later when I finally get around to making it, and a second time three years later when the first freeze comes true and I have to come up with another idea! AAAARGH!