Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bazaar quilt coming along!

Today is Thursday and I was with my quilting friends today! We are getting along quite well on the bazaar quilt. The main part of the top is made and we were sewing centers to the applique flowers (for the borders) while we chatted today. Still a bit of homework for us to do, but I think by the next meeting we'll have it at the flimsy stage. We are very pleased with how "cute" it looks. It's a busier quilt than we've made before but I'm sure it will be very striking when it is completed.

Whenever I meet my friends I know to take the camera because someone is sure to show something crafty. Today it was Furu-san again and she let us admire her cute little embroidery boxes. Actually, Furui-san has always been an embroiderer first and a quilter next, and she teaches embroidery and has lovely pieces decorating her house. She said she just cut out a house pattern from cardboard and covered it with her embroidery and she seemed to think it was very simple. So lovely and elegant! The roofs open up so you can put odds and ends inside.


anne bebbington said...

Tanya - that is coming along beautifully - almost spurs me into getting my completed top out for sandwiching :o)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lovely embroidered house boxes and the quilt is such a happy one! Thanks for sharing!

Fiona said...

You have such talented friends, the house boxes are charming and the quilt is just right, really scrappy and cheerful.

Shelina said...

Hi Tanya, I saw your comment on Mrs. Goodneedle's blog about Japanese characters, so I just had to come over to visit with you. This group quilt is beautiful. It is much more elaborate than the group quilt I am working on.
Those house boxes are really cute.

nonchi said...


Chookyblue said...

Very nice projects must a pretty talented group.