Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dogs and cats

Not a very good picture but you can see that Choco and Cleo are able to exchange greetings without a major disagreement. Choco will greet Patora and Vel this way too, but not Lemi! This is a dog whose goal in life was to ravage any cat on earth so you can see what great progress we've made. When I first brought Choco home I wondered if I could be accused as an animal abuser since I was putting my cats in extreme danger every day. Of course, Choco is still tied to a chair when she comes in the house or else in her cage at night but I honestly think she has accepted the cats as part of life and vice versa. Lemi watches from on top of the piano.

A very boring day yesterday. Made some bias tape for the bazaar quilt. Did some hand stitching and considered wasting time window shopping somewhere but stayed home instead. No students, no deadlines. A cold day that turned rainy in the afternoon.

So, in honor of Choco and Cleo, here are a couple decorations we have in our house. The cat lamp sits in our entryway and has a timer so that it lights at around 6:00 every evening and stays lit til about 10:30. Tetsu bought it for me years ago for my birthday. The garden dog sits outside the front door and I bought it for Tetsu as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. You see, I am a dog person as well as a cat person!


Lois R. said...

I love the cat lamp. What a great idea to put it on a timer!

And the doggie sculpture is so cute.

Thanks for the prayers for my little foster kitty. She's feeling a little better today, so it must have worked!

teodo said...

My daughter qould be really happy in your house! She loves so much animals..just like you! I like your garden! ciao, ciao

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

We are adding animals now. Hannes has calmed down and is tolerating Turbo, I guess he figures she's not going away and if we're not worried about a cat in the house then he shouldn't be either! Your pansies are very pretty!