Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Flowers in the garden

Mrs. Yano was quite pleased with the kimono quilt and hung it up in her entryway for all to see. It will be nice to see it there when I vist her every few days.

We've had rain for the past couple days and though Tetsu planted flowers for me in the garden on Sunday this is the first day that the sun was out to take pictures. I'm sure the newly planted flowers were happy with the rain!

Yesterday, when visiting Helen over at Honey Bunch Quilting I realized I have a talent that I had forgotten to mention. I can sew kneeling! She was talking about someone who could sew standing up but for nearly 30 years, until last September when I made a sewing room, I have sewn in a kneeling position with my knee controlling the foot pedal! Japanese rooms have tatami mats and low tables so that was the easiest way for me to spread out and sew. I'm not sure if other Japanese women can sew this way, but many of my Japanese friends were amazed that I could this so it may be a unique talent! How about any other Japanese sewers out there?

And thank you Rose Marie and Mrs. Goodneedle for the instructions on saving a post! I can do it! Now to get to all those past postings!


Leah S said...

I have not tried sewing on my knees, but both my sister and I sewed on the floor. Basically with the machine between our knees and our foot on the pedal. My sister sewed an entire skirt that way! I only did a couple of blocks. :)

Conni Lu said...

Tanya, The flowers are looking so nice, and so neat. If I could contain my gardening to a space that size perhaps mine would also look neat. But we inherited way too many flowers at this house from previous owner who loved gardening. (I wish I could say the same for myself, but I guess I tolerate it, not love it.)
Sewing on your knees...sounds difficult. I think my knees might rebel. :)

Helen said...

Hi Tanya

Thanks for visiting my blog and mentioning me in your next post. Interesting conversation thread, how many positions can you sew with your machine in. Leah s has added another!

Luna said...

Your flowers in the entry are looking beautiful. Glad to hear your kimono quilt is ready and made someone joy.
Interesting sewing positions. I can´t sew over a long time, because my back hurts too fast ( I have problems there)