Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kimono quilt finished

I did it! I finished the kimono quilt! Talk about putting in time yesterday! Well, it's spring break in Japan so I didn't have anything else I absolutely needed to do and I really wanted to get this done so I did! The pattern I used from Bonnie's Star Struck probably because she had used similar colors. I'm not big on originality. The quilting was just a large amount of stippling though I thought about a sashiko pattern in the border. I decided that I didn't like the way the design interferred with the pattern on the border fabric so I went with simple. I remembered that I had some gold thread so I went around the border three times (the fabric already was lined!) in a straight stitch. It was terrible to sew (the thread kept breaking) but it picks up the gold in the orange nicely. I will take it to Yano-san today.

In defense of my kids yesterday I must say that, since English is a second language for both of them, they do find the amount that I write every day a huge burden. And that is probably why I put in so many pictures of nothing things in my blog. Leiya hasn't been home for two years and gets homesick occasionally, and Takumi hasn't been back to Japan in over three! (He misses the cats.)

Now, what's next on my list of sewing things to do?

By the way, Ms. Goodneedle mentioned that I ought to print out my posts everyday, but I've tried and I can't figure it out. I either get only the header or I get parts of other posts in it too. Also, it seems like a waste to be printing out the blog backing and sidebars every time. What about the rest of you bloggers. Do you save your postings and if so could you send me instructions? (Remember, I'm very computer challenged.) Thanks.


Conni Lu said...

Hi Tanya! You seem to get more quilting done than anyone I know. I spend more time blogging than you do quilting, that's my problem! I'm hooked on both. Regarding the printing out blogs, I have not tried that yet.

Helen said...

Hi Tanya

I found your blog via Teodo's Appunti Patch. I love the story of meeting your husband. How romantic! Do you have access to all the wonderful Japanese fabric and is it as expensive as I think it is? I get the magazine Quilts Japan which is minutely examined by my Friday Night quilt ladies. But it is very expensive. $NZ50 per issue. Thae hadwork is very impressive though.

anne bebbington said...

Your kimono quilt is beautiful Tanya - know what you mean about metallic thread - definitely put on this earth to try the patience of any saint - but it looks so beautiful if you can stay the course - the three lines in the border are just perfect

Rose Marie said...

Oh, you have such a lovely and interesting blog!
I copy my posts and it really is quite easy to do.
Do you have Windows? If yes, open a page, and then go back to your blog and with your mouse, highlight just your post and any photo. Right click on your mouse and COPY. Then go to Windows and on the page that you have opened, right click and PASTE. Then you can print out your whole post or save it on the computer. For me, I've created a Folder for my Blog and copy and paste all my posts one after the other. Let me know if you need more info.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I copy and paste each post into a Word file and keep them there, that way you're not copying the side bar and stuff that's unimportant. The kimono quilt is very good-looking!