Friday, April 06, 2007

Quilting with friends

I had a great day yesterday with my quilting friends working on the bazaar quilt. We had lots to do but we ended up getting the borders ready since that meant there could be "homework" that we could work on this month. I had made most of the bias and Furui-san had done the calculations so we cut border fabric and got the stems on the border ready for sewing. We also tried different methods of applique and decided what all of us could do with the least amount of headaches. (None of us are too good at applique.) Tried needle turn, tried freezer paper with the paper on the right side of the fabric, tried it on the wrong side of the fabric and settled for the latter. So... four of us went home with border stems to sew on and freezer paper flowers to attach with fabric from our own scaps. We'll worry about leaves later... I think we decided on bright colored flowers rather than light ones (which was the original plan). Anyway, we are having fun.

Here is a picture of the group with needles in hand. (Furui-san! You closed your eyes in the other picture!)

And last, another lovely creation by Mrs. Furui. How can she do this over and over? Her quilts are so soft and calming and gorgeous. I make the same quilt and it is always bold, and a bit crazy! This is a prayer quilt for one of her friends.


Conni Lu said...

Hi, Tanya, Another great photo! I enjoy seeing these. The quilt project is great. Have a happy Easter. :)

marisa said...

Happy Easter Tanya.

teodo said...

Hi Tanya, this quilt is so nice with all these hearts!!!!.
Ciao ciao and happy Easter to you, to your husband and to your friends.
See you here in few days.

Nancy said...

The bazaar quilt is looking great. And prayer quilts are very big here in the US at this point; I have two in progress -- we call them prayer shawls.

anne bebbington said...

Tanya - it's very flattering to see a replica of my quilt growing before my very eyes - you girls are doing a wonderful job on it - well done!

Beemoosie said...

Happy Easter!
The quilts are beautiful, great job!