Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rice fields

Today, I have some pictures of the scenery around my house. These were taken on my walk yesterday around 6:00 in the morning. We'd had a lot of rain and the mist coming off the hills and flooded rice fields added a sense of mystery to the morning. I couldn't figure out what all those dots were in the picture and I thought the lens was dirty but I've determined that the flash picked up the fog "particles" and reflected back.

The farmers are just beginning to flood their rice fields. Most of the fields have a well and pump house near them and when one field is flooded, they just open up a gate and the overflow goes into the next field. I notice that the streams around here are very low too so some of that water is directed into the fields. In a few weeks the rice shoots will be planted and then all this will be a light green color.


shiorinn said...

I read your blog today too!
Around your house looks like country of foreign.
It's Inokura isn't it!?

Thanks nice pictures every time!


Connie said...

Today's post was very educational for me...I knew/know nothing about rice fields. The photos are great, and you're right, they do have a mysterious feel with the fog.

Fiona said...

Cool pictures. Is the rice planting process mechanised?

Jane Weston said...

Those are beautiful photos and I love the first one with the reflections from the fog..something only achievable from a digital camera (I think?) thank you again for sharing about life and landscape in Japan...Rice isn't something I've ever stopped to think about and I had no idea that the fields are flooded. I'd love to see more pictures when the shoots appear and it all goes green.

teodo said...

Ciao Tanya,
thanks because with you, with your photos and with your words I know the Japan.

The Star of David is lovely.
ciao ciao