Monday, April 09, 2007


Yesterday after church we had a quiet day at home. I got a little sewing done; flowers on the bazaar quilt border, a few minutes on a feathered star, a little machine quilting on the Star of David quilt. Do you think I have concentration problems? When I think about it, I was even reading two books. One that was upstairs by the bed (that's my before I fall asleep book) and one that I was reading in the kitchen while I boiled spaghetti.

The only thing that might be the least bit interesting is that I got around to changing the paper (shoji) on our windows. (Not interesting to my Japanese friends). I suppose this really should have been done just before the new year but I didn't get around to it until yesterday (Call it American spring cleaning genes). Our one and only Japanese tatami mat room has paper window "shades" and most Japanese change these once a year. I used to pay our kids an allowance to do this for me once a year but since they're not around... Actually, for all you cat lovers, a Japanese room is not a good idea if you own cats. If the cat has an "accident" then it seeps into the tatami mats and there is no way to get the smell out. The paper windows too are great fun for the little paws to rake over and leave claw marks or for the very rambunctious, shred to smithereens!

I digress. Anyway, I had to have Tetsu's help in removing the paper frames and then easily tore off the paper. Gave the frames a quick wipe with a rag, and then we laid the new paper on the frame. This is where I cheat! Traditionally, you're supposed to first spread a thin layer of glue on the frame, then lay the paper, spray it lightly with water and then cut away the excess paper. But the modern world is wonderful and I use iron-on window paper! Just like fusible interfacing but paper! Ironed and cut off the excess paper and pop the whole frame back into the window until the cats get it again.


Conni Lu said...

I find this shoji information very interesting. I never thought about having to re-apply paper but it makes total sense. Your iron looks like the fairly new small portable irons being sold in the quilt shops & catalogs. I have one but not in the cute pink color they come in. It's hard for me to imagine tonight as I write this at 8:30 in the evening it's tomorrow morning for you. Feels strange in a way.

Nancy said...

This window story was fascinating!

You know, I am not happy unless I am working on several quilts at one time. I need to have one in the machine, one waiting for borders, and one upstairs for handwork. If I try to just work on one quilt, I get cranky!

Jane Weston said...

Wow...I never knew that the paper needed changing. Thanks for sharing the "how to's" of it all.

Luna said...

Thank you for your easter greetings. In Germany we have two days easter and free from work and school. So we went to the Zoo am Meer at the northsea today. It was so cold there, brrr.
But you were so industrious today. It was interesting to have a look in you japanese room.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I always wondered about things like this... thanks for the information! More trivia to keep stored; who would have thought there'd be an iron-on shoji paper? I do NOT have an attention disorder but work on many quilts at one time. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) Great post!

Helen said...

I'd go for the iron on every time!!