Sunday, April 01, 2007


Lois over at Thoughts of Home Quilting sparked me to put a picture in the blank space in my blog banner. "There's no way I'll be able to figure that out!" was my first thought, but I believe in at least trying, so I did! Wow! Not so difficult. Hey, I may branch out and start designing my own banners! What fun! Anyway, a small change but it feels like a big accomplishment to me!

And today what am I doing? Stippling! Yep. I got the kimono quilt to a point where I can start quilting it. Worked quite a while on it yesterday. Let me tell you, I'm probably not going to attempt another kimono quilt. Talk about fabric swimming! Who knows what a conglomeration of fabrics are in this quilt! I'm sure one is polyester. Another has heavy gold threads running through it. Another fabric is slinky. Another is probably wool. The border may be a brocade for all I know. It got to the point that none of the seams were matching and I was wondering if I'd miscalculated on my cutting. No, just slippery fabric. I decided quite quickly that this is not going to be a utility quilt. There is no way this thing can ever be washed. So... Make it small enough to hang on a wall. That made the whole project easier. Definitely stipple just because those seam allowances have to be tacked down some way. All the fabric except for the white was cut from Obachan's kimonos and the colors are what Yano-san gave me so I just worked with what I had. Not my choice for sure but it is coming out better than I thought it would. Can't wait to finish with it! Can't wait to see Yano-san's face when I give it to her!

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Fiona said...

The blog banner looks great - I really want to try some of those peacock feathers in the left hand picture. The stippling looks good in the kimono quilt, though the fabrics sound like a nightmare (although, on the other hand, what law says that every quilt has to be 100% cotton).