Thursday, April 12, 2007


Thank you Connie for tagging me with the Thinking Blog Award! I love writing and thinking myself about what I want to write but I never thought (or still think) that it would be interesting to others! God's blessings!

Well, so many of the people I respect and who have inspired me with their blogs have already been tagged (how are these poor people going to respond to the call?!) There are three, Bonnie, Tonya and Tazzie, whom I've even dreamed about at night, isn't that funny. Some blogs I read for fun, some blogs I read for the beautiful pictures, some I read for the cats, some for the dogs, some I "read" just trying to figure out what the person is saying in a different language (and if that doesn't take thinking I don't know what does!)

But here are a few of the blogs that have sent me back time and time again to check and recheck projects, thoughts, and instructions. Judy at Quilting with Ragdolls. She and Tazzie got me started on machine quilting just a few months ago. And her applique! Gorgeous! Anne at Quilting Bebbs, I fell in love with a quilt Anne was making and have been copy-catting her ever since. Fiona at Scraps in Progress, I think I've got three of Fiona's colorful quilts on my "To Do list"! Nancy at Blogging, Near Philidelphia, Nancy just gets me thinking about life, about experiences. I know to put on my thinking cap before I visit her blog. Norma at Silver Thimble Quilting. Norma has shown me how she does machine quilting using a walking foot and I love checking out her blog for her great techniques.

I wish I could add a few more and if you ask me again in a couple days I'm sure I'll have a couple that I'm just beginning to check out.

Thank you again Connie. Love you.


Connie said...

Good morning, Tanya, Great post! I will be linking to your choices so I can read them. It's always so interesting to check out newly found blogs. :) Connie

gwen said...

Congratulations on beeing tagged. The quilt blogland is fabulous, isn´t it? I wanted to express my amazement at your feathered stars. They all look gorgeous. It makes me want to start one straight away! I love working with Liberty Fabrics as well, especially for hand-sewing. The needle goes through it like in a dream. Take care.

Judy said...

Many many thanks! Your work is fabulous and if I inspired any of it then we are all better for it!

Tonya R said...

Oh no, hope those haven't been nightmares! thanks for the kind mention.