Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Wednesday, Wednesday! I'm off to the kindergarten. I think kindergarten started on Monday, and I'll be teaching the 5 year old class and the 4 year old class but the 3 year old class doesn't come in til tomorrow so I'll be going tomorrow too for entrance ceremonies. Well, today I can teach in jeans. Tomorrow it's dress up time in a suit. I can never get used to the way school starts one day but the entrance ceremony is held later and the same with the end of the school. There's a graduation but still school for another week (for the rest of the students).

So, a quick post. Yesterday I finished another feathered star! I keep posting pictures of each star but they all look the same even to my eyes. Connie asked me how I pieced them, and yes, they are hand pieced, that's why I have a goal of one a month. They are all in blue because I suppose when I started I was thinking of snow flakes or something but I'm getting tired of the blue now. Just one more to go! This one is especially nice because my friend Sachiko sent me some lovely Liberty fabric scraps and I just had to use the blue for this quilt. Liberty fabric certainly does sew up nicely! Cleo had to christen the block with a sit down only minutes after it was finished!

Also started binding the Star of David Quilt and I hope to be able to show that to you tomorrow. Some mistakes with the machine quilting and I'm not sure I'm satisfied with this quilt or not but it was an experiment to start with so let's say I've learned some things.


Connie said...

Hi Tanya, You're off to the start of another school year! I just posted on my blog some names of bloggers who inspire me and I listed you for the Thinking Blogger Award. You can read about it on my blog and link to Knot Garden from my blog as well(see her post of 4/9) for details about this. Connie

Rose Marie said...

I'm enjoying your is so interesting. I'll skip the jellyfish recipe, thank you! :o)

teodo said...

Your cat seems very comfortable.

...when I was younger I was working with kids from 3 to 6 years old....Happy new school year then!!!!
ciao ciao

marisa said...

thanks for your comment.In the picture it's mine. Ciao

marisa said...

yes, the title of my blog is like "quiete".( tranquilla ).

Judy said...

Anyone who make a great feathered star is tops in my book. I've never attempted one yet! Too scary!