Monday, April 02, 2007

Zorro and Shoko always

Today started out with a phone call from Takumi! Surprise! He rarely calls but he was visiting my mother so I got to talk with both of them at the same time. Sigh... Both my kids say that reading my blog is too much of a bother. I guess I write too much for them. They both like my pictures though and today I got a request from Takumi to post a picture of one of our cats who disappeared a few years ago. Zorro! Zorro is the only cat we've ever had that regularly jumped down from the roof to the yard and then went exploring. I had to lock doors or else he'd escape! He lived up to his name! Zorro was another cat that the old dog Shoko helped "nurse". Zorro used Shoko as a pacifier up to the very end. (Here's Shoko dressed in one of my fleece shirts trying to keep warm She was an old dog!)

And here's a picture of me that Tetsu snapped the other morning. He thought my flip-flops were cute but I said I'd already posted a picture of them so he snapped a full picture!


Leah S said...

Aww, sorry your kids don't want to read your blog. I know how it goes, as my husband never reads mine, so I was able to safely post about his Christmas quilt all last year. :)

Lois R. said...

Sometimes it can be an advantage if those close to you don't read your blog -- allows you to be more free with your thoughts.

I love the new banner! It looks great!

And the kimono quilt is beautiful. I love the colors.

Conni Lu said...

Your photo is great and I'm so happy that you posted it! And Zorro and Shoko too. The stippling is looking so nice. I tried to put my photo in the space on my profile but I still couldn't get it to work. I would rather have it there than the larger one that I posted separately. Your blog is great - too bad the kids aren't wanting to read it just now. I bet they change their minds later. Keep on blogging!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Print out your posts and put them in a notebook for posterity, they'll want to read them one day. The photo of Shoko and Zorro is touching, and the one of you in your flip-flops is lovely!

Luna said...

Since I can better read and understand english, I enjoy reading your blog, Tanya !!! It is very interesting to read about your living in Japan.
I think your kids have no patience to read.
What a wonderful touching photo of zorro and shoko.
I´m glad you show the photo of you and your flip-flops.

teodo said...

Takumi will be happy!!!!
Your photo is great.
ciao ciao