Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Japanese Sweet Cakes

It is Wednesday so I am off working all day. A short post.

I finished the border applique for the bazaar quilt yesterday. I'll take it to Mrs. Furui today. (I think she is putting the whole thing together as soon as she gets all the borders back.) Yes, that brown blob is Velvet sitting on it. (Also my toe is there. Also Patora's foot What a photographer I am!)

And I could start a Japanese sweet shop today if I wanted to! Yesterday two ladies in English brought over Japanese bean cakes. Yum!!

The green ones are black bean paste covered in pounded rice that has some green leafy vegetable pounded into it.

The one with the real leaf covering it is made of white sweet bean paste and miso also covered in pounded rice. The leaf is a mulberry leaf, I think. (Don't eat the leaf.)

The dark brown ones were given to me by a neighbor last night. They have sweet bean paste and are covered in a steam cake made of black sugar (like molasses).

The funny little hay bales were given to me this morning by another neighbor and they have sweet bean paste and a pounded rice covering and are wrapped in bamboo leaves and the hung in a large steamer. (Don't eat the bamboo leaves.)

I ate a green one and the mulberry leaf one yesterday and we will enjoy the other two types tonight. No wonder I can never stick with a diet! I'm taking some of these to my ladies English lesson today!


Connie said...

Your applique looks really great. Did you use the freezer paper method?

anne bebbington said...

That border looks great!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The border is very pretty, (and so is Velvet!) I've never heard of Japanese Bean cakes. I learn something new here with every post! Thanks much!