Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May goals

It is May 1st here in Japan so I'd better review the month of April and set goals for May.

I finished all the goals I set but actually I cheated. Bad Tanya! That last Prayer and Square quilt has been staring at me and I kept saying "Oh that is so easy I can do it in a couple of hours". True, but procrastination set in and yesterday I was working on it when Mrs. Yano called and suggested we visit a local nursery. "Let's go!" so we went and there went the Prayer and Square quilt. After I got home I worked on it between a final lesson and cooking dinner but at 9:00 it still didn't have a border on it. BUT... this morning I put on the border so... it didn't get completed before April was over but it did get completed before I posted my first May post. Does that count? You betcha!!

As for May...
  1. Prayer and Square Quilt
  2. Get the borders on the Bazaar quilt and start quilting it
  3. Get the borders on the Wonky Word quilt and start quilting it (I still don't know what I'm going to do with this one)
  4. Get my applique border into one piece
Ok. That's the initial plan, and I will add as I go along (I always do.)

And here are some pictures taken on a walk with Choco yesterday. The rice is being planted in the fields now. I think the May 3rd is going to be the big rice planting day for the farmers. This is done by machine but it is still an interesting process. I'll see if I can get some farmer to let me take his picture.

It was a hot day yesterday! So nice for a walk but Choco was pooped by the end of it!

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I've never seen rice planted, that is so very interesting. Choco does look a little 'done in'. Your 'prayers and squares' is destined to be a blessing. Congrats on achieving your goals.