Wednesday, July 25, 2007

American Idols

Talk about new experiences! Last night I had an interesting one and it just goes to show that you should always try something new.

I'm a homebody sort of person. Nothing flashy about me. Give me a book, a needle and thread, a dog and a cat and I'm ready to settle down. Even in my teen days I wasn't into loud music and pop stars.

This summer though, Marcy arranged for Kiana, Leiya, Marcy and me to go to an American Idol concert. For all you people that have no idea what that is, I was in your same shoes until last night. The American Idol TV program spends 5 months auditioning contestants and weekly broadcasting their vocal talents to the American public. I think this must be one of the top viewed TV shows in the country. Gradually the contestants are narrowed down to the top 12 (TV viewers are the judges?) and finally the new American Idol is chosen. (Boy is that a rough summary!) After that the top 10 go on tour around the country and last night we got to see them at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

Kiana and Marcy who watch the TV program faithfully were in ecstasy about going to the concert. Leiya wasn't as aware of who the performers were but she knew some names and songs so she was looking forward to going. On the other hand, I had never heard of any of the performers, the songs, the past stars etc. etc.

What can I say? My biggest impression was that these 10 young people have a lot of talent! Some fantastic voices! Not my type of music and very loud, but the concert was exciting with strobe lights and smoke screens, costumes and different genres of music! I really enjoyed it! The Staples Center was amazing and very posh and organized. A great place to spend money for little do-dads like t-shirts and posters etc. but it makes you feel happy about spending it! People watching was great fun too. Families with little kids, grandpas and grandmas being pushed in wheel chairs. I was amazed at the wide age span of people attending.

Never in a thousand years would I have expected to go to or enjoy this sort of thing, but it goes to show you can teach an old dog something new! We purposely left our cameras at home last night because we'd heard that you weren't allowed to take pictures (that wasn't true), so I don't have anything of my own to show you today. How about this picture from the Internet. This is what the stage was like! (People who know me, can you believe I attended a concert like this?)


Quilt Pixie said...

isn't it wonderful to try something completely different while on holidays! :-)

Beth said...

Jordin Sparks attended our new church before she went to CA for the Idol show. My little sewing student and her mom went to a nearby arena every week Jordin was still in the show! What a wonderful voice! PS no trip to CA for me...DH will bad back...and other complications! Drat!

Shelina said...

Yeah, American Idol is a VERY big thing here. It's been going on for several years, and we watched every episode for at least one of those years, and continue to watch it now from time to time when we are available. There is also a British Idol, and I think it's been copied in other countries as well. I thought there was even a Japanese Idol. There have also been lots of offshoots - they now have shows about remembering lyrics, American Inventor, etc.

I'm glad you got to go and had a great time. Gives you some skunk free time!

Connie W said...

I'm not a viewer of the show but it's VERY popular. The stage looks exciting. You'll have tales to tell to your friends back in Japan!

anne bebbington said...

Well there's nothing like a holiday to give you the opportunity to do something different - sounds like a fun family type thing to do