Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another street fair

Tetsu called yesterday so we chatted awhile with him. He said it was drizzly and rainy in Japan and I said "Oh, poor Choco!"
Tetsu said "Choco?! Poor me! The laundry doesn't dry and the walls are molding!"
Anyway, he is holding down the fort.

And yesterday, Leiya and Marcy and Kiana and I went to a fabric store outlet. I find it hard to focus when I'm shopping with other people and Leiya kept bringing me books and cloth that she wanted me to look at and telling me I should buy. "Wait! I need to decide what I want to make first! Don't just bring me fabric because it's on sale!" I finally sent her off to think about of a project of her own. She came back with another book and more fabric so I gave up on concentrating and we tried to find some matching fabrics. I did veto the book since I can get the same pattern from Quilterscache if I check around.

In the evening we hit another street fair. This one right in downtown Covina. It was great fun with a little Karaoke contest for the kids going on right in the middle. I think the winners got a 10 dollar certificate that they could spend at the fair. Lots of food (again!) lots of sports booths selling logo things. It is so nice to see all the people laughing and chatting. Some people have brought their lawn chairs or blankets to just sit on the grass. Lots of dogs and bicycles, kids running around playing cowboys and Indians with their plastic bows and arrows. Leiya found a little booth that was selling jewelry made from antique silverware and she must have drooled in front of that booth for half an hour until I got tired and just handed her some money and told her to decide herself. The man who made the jewelry was trying to help her and finally 15 minutes later she came to where I was sitting, just skipping! It seems she had had so much trouble deciding that the nice man took pity on her (grew exasperated!?) and sold her two bracelets for a little more than the price of one! Was she a happy girl!


Shelina said...

It looks like a great street fair. The bracelets are so pretty. I think Leiya is learning to negotiate very well!

Connie W said...

No wonder she had trouble choosing a bracelet, they're both so pretty. I enjoy going to street fairs too.

meggie said...

Those bracelets are lovely! Lucky Leiya!
And you are having lots of fun, & enjoying yourself. Poor Tetsu, in the wet weather.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Hope your poor, suffering husband appreciates your daughter's bargaining abilities. The bracelets are stunning! Have fun.

keslyn said...

Looks like you are having a great time with Leiya, love the bracelets, looks like your choices of food have been great, holidays are great times for eating lots and trying different and yummy foods.
Have a great time