Sunday, July 15, 2007


We've been eating and shopping and doing a little reading when we can manage to stay awake. Leiya has finally decided that she really should be reading a book that she has to know about by September so we spent a couple of hours at the library yesterday.

Last night my sister-in-law, my niece, Leiya and I went to a street fair that is held near here for a few hours. Every year we go at least once and I love to wander through the booths and look at all the hand made things that people are selling. Lots of crafty things, lots of home grown fruits and vegetables, lots of food booths set up selling steak and corn, baked potatoes, popcorn, cookies, candy and cakes. Unfortunately once there I realized I had dead digital camera batteries so I didn't get a single picture! Rats!

While the girls played, my brother and nephew were off for a day of deep sea fishing (a once a year event) and they came back really pooped! We didn't get to hear about the trip until this morning when they finally woke up and showed us their catch. I think they caught bonita, sea bass and perch. Tonight we had a great barbecue of fish and steak! None of the Californians here can stomach the fish skin nor the idea of cleaning fish so I guess the boat crew did that for them. Marcy grilled it with butter and lemon salt! Delicious!

And here are Leiya and me in the newly put in lawn in the back yard. I remember this area full of ivy and geraniums but it looks like a park now!


marisa said...

to be well with the family is very important.Ciao

Connie W said...

It all sounds like a wonderful day for everyone. Those little street fairs and craft/food shows are always such fun. You & Leiya look so pretty beside that lovely tree. It's so good to read about your activities in the states. Hugs.

meggie said...

You are having fun, & enjoying family. How lovely for you.

Anonymous said...

Tanya, I' m alive and well at the Tougaloo Art Colony in Jackson, Mississippi. I'm studying with Sonji Hunt.

Glad o=you like the fabric. thelma

nonchi said...


I really look forward to having you
convey life in U.S.A with blog.
Spend a pleasant summer vacation.