Saturday, July 21, 2007


Let's see. What did I do yesterday? Not too much. Marcy showed me how she makes blankets a couple of days ago so of course we went to the fabric store to get some blanket making materials. Marcy wanted to make one for a friend's son yesterday and Leiya got it the mood to make one for herself and I will probably get started on one I decided to make for Tetsu's mother. I think Marcy said she's made over 30 of these for all her friends and even for everyone on my niece's softball team.

These are wonderfully soft fleece blankets that require no sewing! It is a good project for a morning, and really should only take two or three hours to make if you sit at it in one go. Fleece fabric really isn't too expensive in the fabric stores and the selection of fabric is wonderful (and we're going to a fabric outlet today to look at more fleece!!!) What can I say? They are warm and soft and colorful and cheap, and can be easily adapted to the recipient's tastes, and easy to make. Wonder why I go to all the trouble to quilt! (Not really!) I guess the only drawback I can see is that they end up bulky when they are finished but that is true of quilts too. Oh well, they may never be heirlooms (they might!) but it is a great summer project!

Buy two yards of fleece in complimenting colors.
Line them up and pin.
Cut them roughly square. (No measuring!)
Cut out four corners.
Cut one inch fringes around the entire blanket.
Tie the fringes.

Marcy has made some in university logo prints, cat prints, leaf prints, flower prints, marine prints, Disney prints, sports prints etc. etc. etc. Here is the soccer ball one and a fake fur one Leiya was making for herself.


Quilt Pixie said...

love the fleece blanket method -- I've never thought of doing fringe on four sides -- the one's I've seen have been sewn on two opposite sides, turned right side out (through the tube you create by sewing) and then the two ends are fringed.... :-)

marisa said...

t seems easy and amusing.. with the correct and soft fabrics!

Shelina said...

What a fun craft project. I have bought some fleece, but never got around to making the blanket.