Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cal State Long Beach

Let's see... Lots of things going on but nothing too exciting.

Leiya and I went off for an all day trip to California State University of Long Beach to check out that college. Despite the fact that I dislike driving the freeways we made it there and back safely. I don't like driving though I've had a license since I was 16. Japan's roads are scary in a different way from California highways and sometimes I think I'd like to show my American family how well I've adapted to driving the small single lane roads of Japan. Often you have to back up to a turn off point just to let the other driver by or you both squeek onto the shoulders of the road hoping you won't tumble into a flooded rice field. In California I find the freeways slightly nerve racking. I mean, it's 5 lanes going either way and you get cars zooming in front of you, in back of you changing lanes and everyone going at an unbelievable speed. I'm actually a little relieved when I get stuck in a traffic jam and we all slow down for a breather! I'd also like to point out that I've adapted to driving on the opposite sides of the road depending on which country I'm in. (I do tend to hit the windshield wiper when I'm trying to turn a corner though.)

Anyway, Leiya and I spent a good day at Cal State Long Beach and the university made it easy for us with a very well thought out self-guided tour pamphlet of the college. We followed the map, read all the blurbs about the different buildings and programs and wandered around the college for at least two hours. Really a beautiful place and if what the pamphlet tells you is true, an excellent school. Leiya was impressed and I think she'll at least consider applying there. Made me feel like I was doing my motherly duties taking my daughter to visit a college.

And look who showed up last night about 12:00! The whole house was asleep but the dogs started making a ruckus and Leiya woke up enough to realize that Takumi had come to visit us a day earlier than he'd promised! Here's my wonderful son that I haven't seen in a year. He looks good, just the same as he did when I last saw him. He and Leiya and I stayed up til about 2:00 talking about their schools and teachers in the States. So good to have both children at my side!


Ulla said...

What a lovely surprise and what a happiness to have both the "children" with you.
Ulla in the north of Sweden

Nancy said...

It doesn't get better than having your kids by your side! We got home on Thursday; Friday night we had Andrew and Amy who drove up for Amy's b'day and stayed over with us until Saturday afternoon. Today Sherry, Chris and Sam are coming for dinner. And Wednesday, Tom and Anastasia are coming up for a quick visit. All of our kids in one week's time -- a very rare occurrence!

Fiona said...

Great to see you all together and looking so happy - enjoy your time with each other.

atet said...

What a wonderful surprise!

nonchi said...

I really appeared when I thought that "Takumi would he how". I was surprised,too.
All two of them became excellent.
I feel like looking American than hating Tani probably because both Takumi and Leiya live in U.S.A