Thursday, July 19, 2007


I think I am fighting a losing battle! Here are some pictures to show you what I mean.

Every morning around 6:00 I go off for a walk for about an hour. This is actually a longer walk than I have in Japan, but there is a good reason for this. I eat too dang much!!! I always know this is going to happen. The food is soooo good here and it's been soooo long since I last had it and the servings are soooo much bigger than I usually get in Japan. Soooo that means a lot more calories, ding dang it all!

Ok. First the walk. This is just a little of the scenery along the way. Up at the top of the driveway, still on the property. I see my brother has got wood stacked for the winter for his fireplace.

A block or two away on the main road heading to the high school. I can remember about 5 times in my 4 years of high school that I walked to school. Usually had my mom or a friend drive me. It would have been so dorky and un-cool to walk to school! But here I am in my old age making this walk every single morning. It really isn't that far but I don't ever see any high school kids walking. Still dorky I suppose. (And it is summer.)

And here is the high school. I really like the mural they've painted on the walls. Yep. We were the South Hills Huskies though I had very little school spirit. I like the motto up there too.

Down and around and head back through some residential areas and past a golf course and then up and down a few hills to get back home. A good walk that gets the blood flowing and some calories burned!

But look at the calories I'm contending with!

Pastrami sandwiches! Chili-cheese french fries! Mexican fried rice! Carneasada! New York style Cheesecake! And Marcy is of the theory that too much is better than not enough so she either makes a lot or buys an extra of something "just in case" and that "just in case" person turns out to be me! Just this morning there was a left over pastrami sandwich that no one had eaten and of course rather than let it go to waste I heated it up for breakfast. (Pastrami? For breakfast?) Then Leiya came in with half of her piece of cheesecake (which she loved, it was just too big! For Leiya even!) so I finished that off for her too!

My gosh. Will I be recognizable when I get back to Japan? I'd better put in another walk today!


Ulla said...

Enjoy the food and your walking.You are going to be very resh,I think,when you come home.
Have a nice time

Ulla said...

I mean fresh

atet said...

The food looks yummy -- and why not Pastrami for breakfast? It looks like we're going to be having waffles and strawberries for dinner! Glad to see you are enjoying your visit. The cleaning, now the cleaning not my thing at home either, but I can see why you are doing it. Hang in there.

meggie said...

It would be hard to retain a slim figure with all that delicious food!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

mmmm pastrami sandwich. mexican food. yummy.good thing you're walking!

rumi said...

I enjoyed the pictures a lot! It is the first time for me to see the scenery, your route to school and the high school. And all those American food which look so delicious.
I feel I've just realized you are a person originally from America.
I might usually feel you are Japanese. Glad to know you are having a very refreshing time.

rumi said...

I am very glad to know you are having a refreshing time.

VERO said...

Please Tonya , don´t eat that , you will be fater and then...can´t sew very much .... Hugs , Vero