Thursday, July 26, 2007

Odds and ends

Let's see... Our days are filled with eating, reading and shopping. Well, it is vacation but it does seem like we should be doing more profitable things.

Yesterday I decided I really needed to take Leiya to see some college while she is here, so we went over to Cal Poly Pomonoa to check out the campus. A really large school but maybe not what Leiya is looking for. We should have taken a college tour but we just wandered around in the heat and sought out cool buildings and shade. In the summer there seem to be a lot of foreign students on campus and I think Leiya would really like to get away from the foreign student image she has herself. Ok. Well now we know that she doesn't want to go to Cal Poly.

Since we were out driving of course I had to go to a quilt shop and that was wonderful but since I don't have a specific quilt in mind I couldn't really find a reason make any major purchases. I treated myself to a couple of fat quarters of batiks. (I'm not really planning to make a batik quilt but I can't get those at all in Japan.)

In the evening I went to a very small park concert performed by the praise band from my mom's church. I love worship and praise music so it was very relaxing to sit on the warm bench in the cool evening breeze and listen to the praise band. (As an aside, the praise band leader is one of the most talented jazz pianists I've ever heard in my life, and he also just became the mayor of the town!)

And for accomplisments, Leiya and I have both finished our fleece blankets that we were working on! Our colors don't seem to match but since we're going to be on opposite sides of the world I don't suppose it matters! Another goal completed!


Connie W said...

Your post is so full of fun...listening to the praise & worship band, and modeling the're having way too much fun and I'm so glad that you are!

Quilt Pixie said...

sounds like you're having a great vacation -- a real break from the daily routine. :-)

Nancy said...

Got home from our vacation today and am catching up with you. Sounds as though you are having a fine and DIVERSE time!

atet said...

What a great vaction it sounds like you are having! Love Leyia's pink animal print fleece and your yellow one too! My mom loves the ones I've made up for her (though I pillowcase finished hers rather than tying it -- just about as fast for me since my machine is always up!).

As for the colleges -- it depends on the campus but most US universities have heavy foreign student populations in the summer. Most of the American students go home while the foreign students stay on campus. It may not reflect the poupulation during the school year. Searching for colleges can be a lot of fun -- is Leyia going to look for a school with a good arts program?

Shelina said...

It certainly does sound like a great vacation - and you even included some productive in as well. I would think that a foreign student population would help Leiya blend in better with the school, rather than one where everybody was native. The college I went to had a large Puerto Rican population, and even though I'm not Hispanic, I felt like I wasn't the only brown person there, and it is possible that because students were used to seeing people with my skin color, so I was more easily accepted into the school.
The concert sounds like a lot of fun, and those blankets are both pretty.

rumi said...

Seems like you are having a great vacation! Your posts are so very much interesting and fun!
I am still working at school, and the vacation will finally start next week. I feel I can't wait.

meggie said...

You are having a lot of fun with your holiday! Love those blankets!

teodo said...

For ever you can remember this vacation.
You are so happy in all the pics I'm see.
ciao ciao