Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wonky Word Finished!

I FINISHED!!!!! And I've even got the label on!!! Now I can go to bed!

I love the colors, I love the words, I love the stars, I love the quilting. And more than that, Leiya is happy with it too. The Wonky Word quilt is going with us to America tomorrow. I think I started January 20th of this year, and that means it took me six months to do. It was a great six months and I hope I'll find a chance to make another one. Thank you again Tonya for your inspiration and advice!

The upstairs is a mess and the bags aren't packed yet, but Tetsu the whiz packer will help us tomorrow morning. Talk about cutting it down to a fine line!!! I'm leaving here at 10:30 so I won't be able to post again, but we'll see what I can do from the States. Thank you Ulla, Tonya and Calico Cat. I'll take the address and password with me.



Shelina said...

Tanya, I hope you have a wonderful time in the states. You are coming here at almost the same time as our exchange students, so be sure to say hi to anybody who looks like they might belong to our group!
Your words quilt looks terrific. I am about to start the words on my challenge quilt.
We'll miss you! Take care, and drop by when you get a chance, but don't feel any pressure if you can't.

Elaine Adair said...

A wonderful quilt - how clever you are! -- and Tonya also, for teaching so many of us how to make these wonky letters.

Safe travel - have fun!

anne bebbington said...

Tanya - your wonky word quilt is splendid - well done!

Enjoy your trip and don't weigh that plane down on the return trip with too much excess baggage ;oP

Nemo said...

Hope you'll have a great trip! :D
The Wonky Word-quilt is really pretty, I love the colours.
We're preparing to leave on a trip to the States ourselves, to Los Angeles and Bemidji (in Minnesota), visiting relatives and friends - and we've packed nothing yet.. (the plane leaves in.. 2 days).

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Woohoo - the quilt looks fantastic! You did such an amazing job. Don't leave that packing until too late. Happy and safe travels.

Connie said...

Tanya, Wishes for a safe flight and smooth connections. The quilt is wonderful, wonderful and congrats on getting it finished!
Take care and I'll be watching for future posts. Many Hugs!

Mary said...

Have a great time.

I LOVE this quilt - how inspiring and beautiful.

meggie said...

Wonderful Quilt!! Well done!
Have a great trip, & enjoy yourself!

Sharon said...

And it's wonderful, too!

Lindah said...

Tanya, I've just caught up with your blog after a few days off. What a beautiful wedding couple you were and still are!

The quilt is so special! I love the words in both languages. Good job!

Have a wonderful visit in the US! And a safe return. God bless!

Susan said...

The quilt colors and words are wonderful, and the quilting really compliments it beautifully! What a great quilt! Have a wonderful and safe trip.

atet said...

Your quilt is beautiful. Have a fantastic trip to the states and take lots of photos to share!

rumi said...

I love the quilt! It's so beautiful. I also love the words!
Have a great time in the States. I miss you !

teodo said...

....and i love your quilt.

have a great trip.
ciao ciao