Thursday, August 02, 2007

Quilts and pets

Let's see... A fairly quiet day yesterday. Thanks for all the comments about my mom and about Leiya the day before. I really treasure all the advice and information that you all share.

Yesterday when I was putting things away I found a couple more quilts that I'd made years ago. Both are baby quilts that I made for my niece and nephew. I'm not really very fond of the Double Irish Chain one. I can't imagine why I chose these colors or prints or why I stenciled rather than quilted. Probably we didn't know if the baby was going to be a girl or a boy so I went neutral. This isn't Marcy's style either so she probably didn't like it herself but she's kept it tucked away for sentimental purposes.

The little boat quilt is very colorful and the "ocean" is a print of little fish. I used some of that from my stash in another quilt just this last year so that means I've had that fabric for at least 10 years! This little quilt still catches my eye and makes me smile!

How about some animal pictures...

This is Red. He is a fiesty old parrot that doesn't like anyone but my brother and Takumi. It took many months and a lot of painful bites before Takumi could gain Red's trust but they are friends now. I actually can claim that I held Red once many years ago when he flew into the swimming pool and I saved him from drowning! That didn't change his opinion of me though and he still will try to bite me when I come near!

This is Kitty Kat my mom's cat. She is getting friendlier in her old age and will tolerate petting but not holding.

This is Cassie whom everyone calls the little pig dog because she is quite pink under that fur (after a grooming session she really is pink!) and she snorts when she walks.

And this is Scrappy my brother's dog and one of the nicest dogs I've known. He isn't pretty (he's referred to as a junk yard dog) but very smart and wonderfully obedient though it comes naturally. Just a very lovable dog and such a cutie pie!

Animals are the best!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Yes, pets can be the best. I have to admit to loving those with fur more than feathers (birds) or skin (reptiles). I can't believe you literally saved that bird's life and it's not more grateful!

Mary said...

Chesty is a pink belly pig too but he's started to get darker spots as he's aged so now he's developing a cow belly.

Quilting Journey said...

Tanya, You've managed to post about two of the most wonderful things in the world...quilts made with love, and loving little animals (even if we aren't necesarily the recipients of their affection;) Love the pet photos, what great little animals!