Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stash additions

Yesterday I spent the day slowly working my way through the cleaning that needs to be done before I go back to a regular routine. Most of the day I devoted to washing curtains and hanging them up wet so they could dry. (Made the house cool but probably didn't help the mold problem!) I'm still working on the walls and dishes.

I also unpacked all the craft stuff that I got while I was in the States. Do you think I've got a year's supply of work cut out for me? The amazing thing is that even after I buy all this stuff at great prices in the States, I still find more fabric that I absolutely have to have at exorbitant prices in Japan throughout the rest of the year. Well, for starters this year I have:

8 batik fabrics,
7 bright fabrics
14 assorted calicoes
3 Christmas fabrics
2 backing fabrics
2 packages of pom-poms (for children's crafts)
2 packages of pipe cleaners (same as above)
1 box of felt craft (same as above)
1 large rotary cutter
3 rulers
1 cutting mat
various fleece scraps
1 pin-cushion and caddy
4 spools of thread

This is not to mention the fantastic fabrics that both Connie and Thelma sent me, (And Nancy sent me some too before I left for the States!) I am sitting high and anxious to get started on making something fantastic!

This is my progress on the 365 Challenge quilt. I finally got caught up on the journaling I kept in the States. Colorful isn't it?! I ran across On the Hill blog (June 1, 2007) with her lovely weekly borders on her quilt and decided that I wanted more color in mine so I've adapted her idea. Her picture looks so gentile and feminine. Mine, well... cheerful? Crazy? So far I'm pleased. I dislike my handwriting but that can't be helped. I'm afraid to sew these rows together yet because they seem to be different lengths (I think I know why) and I'd like to get a couple more rows done so that I know what the standard row size is going to be. So far so good!


Connie W said...

Tanya, The 365 looks so good and the way you've used color is great.

Shelina said...

It's always fun to lay out your purchases and imagine the beautiful things you can make out of them. Your 365 quilt is so beautiful. I've seen it in beiges, but not in any colors. I like the idea of putting borders around the weeks too. Maybe a specially bright one for a special week.

meggie said...

I have just been catching up with your last 3 posts. And how interesting they all are! I never tire of reading your wonderful interesting writing. Thankyou Tanya.

atet said...

Tanya -- your borders look like you! Colorful, exuberant and happy to experience life! I can't think of any better way for them to look!

Nadine said...

Tanya, your Journal Quilt is fantastic ! I LOVE it in bright colors. I abandonned mine (shame on me) because I thought it looked "dull", all those creams and beiges were just not "me"... and of course I had cut ALL my fabrics, ready to write on ! LOL LOL

Keep going dear, you're doing GREAT !

Hugs & smiles,

Kathy Wagner said...

It looks GREAT! Makes mine look so boring...I just have long strips of beige fabric! I must get mine updated.