Monday, August 27, 2007


Oh how fun. What is this button? I just noticed that next to the Add Image button.

Hey, I did it!

No, those aren't witches or some strange cult figures walking around. Those are kids in their padded kendo outfits with helmets and metal armor around their chests and somewhere in that group is Leiya. Actually this is a video I once took when Leiya was in jr. high during her kendo practice. I just wanted to see if you can really put a video on a blog. (It's the only video I have). Unfortunately I don't seem to have any sound for this but I remember being so shocked that my little girl was attacking someone and yelling bloody murder on top of that! Ooooh! Scary girl!

Kendo is Japanese sword fighting and is a common sport like judo and karate in Japan. The "sword" is made of four pieces of bamboo that fit together and there are arm guards as well as the helmets and body armor. Tetsu was so-so about Leiya doing kendo. He really wanted her to follow his first love and do judo but the kendo team was better at this school so this is the sport she chose. I think the purpose of kendo was to "bang" your opponent as hard as possible, preferably over his head.

Those three years of jr. high school kendo were very interesting to me and I think they taught Leiya a lot about teamwork, perseverance and bearing up under pressure. She was really very good and I have fond memories of this time. Here she is in a real competition. By the way, that suit of kendo wear cost us about $1000! Supposedly you don't really grow out it so if the student makes this their life sport you were getting a good deal. Three years? Well, I don't regret her buying it. It is still in the closet somewhere. That little dinging hanging down with Japanese characters is our last name.


Tazzie said...

Wow - how fun that we can add video's now, I never noticed that button there before. Thank you for sharing the video with Leiya, it looks kinda scary and dangerous! It must have been hard for you to watch.

CONNIE W said...

How cool is that!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I noticed the new button but don't have nay videos to add just yet. Good job! The sword fighting is a little eerie to watch in silence.

Shelina said...

That does look like fun. People better watch out for her!
I wonder if you could sell the suit to a beginner student, to get some of your money back.

At our school, we donated our school uniforms back to the school, and they sold them for a low price and kept the money for special things.

Beth said...

WTG I am impressed! I dont' have any video's to upload, but I dont' think I would be brave enough to try anyway!

Holly said...

Keep the suit for future generations. It would also make a great authentic halloween costume or an anytime costume party :)