Sunday, September 02, 2007

A craft show

I came home yesterday with some unexpected purchases and gifts. Tetsu asked if I wanted to go with him to a "fair" that was being held in a local library where artwork and crafts made by the mentally handicapped were being displayed and sold. Tetsu works for an organization that sponsors one of these circles where the young adults are trained and taught and so he wanted to see what sort of things they were making.

It wasn't a very big exhibition but look what I found and look what I bought! In our area there is a lovely type of weaving called Saori which I've always been drawn to. I love the roughness and beauty of the threads and weave. Someday I really want to spend some time learning how to do this! Even the kindergarten where I teach has a loom and they let the kids practice with their mothers. Saori is quite expensive because the setting up of the loom takes a lot of work and the thread is costly but I think I have one lovely scarf in my possession. Yesterday when we entered the lobby look what I was given! This cute little cat key ring! I could tell right away that I'd found a place I was going to like! Isn't this darling?

After wandering around and seeing all the crafts I came upon this wonderful "pillow". I sort of planted my feet in front of it and looked longingly from it to Tetsu and he generously bought it for me. Hey, cats and the Saori that I've admired for so long! How could we leave without this! Aren't the colors lovely?

On our way out I came across this booth selling postcards and that stopped me in my tracks again. I have a couple pieces from this local artist in my home (do you remember the little acorn man that used to on my header? I think the header is at the bottom of this page now.) I think this artist is just donating proceeds from the art work to the association but I riffled through the postcards trying to decide what to buy and ended up buying the whole set! I don't even write postcards anymore! Seeing these little fellows just makes me smile. Because I bought the whole set they gave me a poster too so right now I have that up on my wall. Here is the other knick-knack that I own. Actually when I bought it a few years ago it wasn't for sale but I convinced the lady who was selling it that since I was an English teacher that I really needed this piece!

I am a very happy gal today!


CONNIE W said...

The kitty keychain is so cute as is the kitty pillow. I love craft shows and this time of year they usually start happening.

Helen said...

What darling pieces and a fun day you had.

Shiori said...

Hi,Tanya!It's Shiori.
I'm looking forward to seeing you in the new room tomorrow!>▽<

I'll go your home at 6:30.

meggie said...

Wonderful treasures you found! I love the little keyring.

atet said...

What wonderful treasures you found. The weavings are fabulous and that keychain! Oh my!