Monday, September 17, 2007

Animal mischief

I guess yesterday was an eventful day. I can't think of anything to tell anyone. Hmmm... It seems like with the days we are given we should at least remember what we've done. I get upset with my English kids when I ask them how their week was and they can't think of a thing to tell me! Well, a bit of this and a bit of that. Spent some time at Tetsu's mothers' but she wasn't in the best of moods so I'll not dwell on that.

I guess I haven't been keeping you up on Tonya's class. That is a great challenge for me! Even though I knew how to make words (I'd made so many with the Wonky Word Quilt) I do best when someone gives me an assignment and I have to get something made by a certain date with specific directions. We were to choose a word and practice it so I chose HOME. I'm not sure why and I haven't any plans for using the word yet but I like the cheery effect of all the different colors and sizes. The next assignment is to play, so naturally I had to try Tonya's Wonky Houses. That seems to go with my chosen word don't you think? I do everything by the book, so my houses don't have a lot of personality yet, but I hope I can get more houses made during this week's practice and maybe get a bit more spark into them. I put a dog and a cat in the windows! I like that touch!

Look what my cats find to do when I'm not looking. This morning woke up to find one of Choco's chew bones on the stairs partly devoured. I didn't know cats like dog bones. This is probably Cleo. He loves crunchy things.

A couple days ago I discovered my lost pin cushion hidden at the bottom of the closet amongst my jeans. I'd been looking for this for a week and I'm pretty sure it's Patora that takes it away to play. One of these days Tetsu's going to step on a pin and I'M going to be the one in trouble!

And one day I heard a commotion upstairs and found three cats congregated in the bedroom checking out a bee hive that one of them had brought in. No, you're right, they are not outdoor cats but I had left a screen door open and probably Velvet pulled it open and went out exploring. When he finds something interesting he brings it home (frogs, grasshoppers etc.) and shows it off to the other cats. They were having a meeting about what this strange thing might be. No bees, thank goodness!

The only news I can think of about Lemi is that she seems to have lost a fang but seems none the worse for it. She is 13 so I guess this is part of aging. I don't know if she knocked it out in one of the cat scrambles or if it came out when she was crunching dried food. I'm not even sure how long it's been gone...

Choco seems happy enough in her back yard and we have to thank our neighbors for making us use the back yard now! (It used to be a holding space for junk.) She keeps Tetsu busy filling up the holes that she digs but her barking has decreased!

I guess the animals keep my life interesting!


Quilt Pixie said...

your words go very well with your houses... I'm wondering if there's a wonky animal or two in the future to add to your concept of home? :-)

Hedgehog said...

Have fun with the wonky houses! I love the animals in the windows!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

hey, those houses look great. The more you make them, the more you'll understand how they go together and then can loosen up and make them wonkier. One thing I found helpful? I would pick a favorite liberated house, see how it was constructed, then make something similar. Mine never came out looking the same, but it got to trying out different styles.

Hmm, our problem marking cat Howler only has one fang too. The vet pulled one because it was so loose. And my cats are fascinated by pins too, silly creatures.

Shelina said...

Your words and your houses look great together. They would make a great quilt when you are done. Can I make a suggestion for your Japanese students? Ask them factual questions - what did you do this week? - rather than questions that require them to tell you their opinions or emotions. They probably don't have a lot of practice with those kinds of questions, and may not have the vocabulary to answer.
My daughter values her privacy and won't tell me anything so it is possible that they are going to that secretive stage too, so don't take it personally.

Laurie Ann said...

I am glad to hear that moving Choco has helped with the barking. Problems with neighbors can be very stressful. She looks very happy there with her bone.

Lemi looks like a very sweet kitty.

andsewitis Holly said...

Your houses and words are looking so good. I like your color choices. Thanks for giving us a peek into the class.