Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Minimal sewing

I squeezed in maybe an hour of sewing yesterday. I can't believe how I can use up all the time in a day. It seems that by the time I've finished teaching and grocery shopping and taking Choco for another afternoon walk that I need to start dinner and preparing for an evening class. Does an hour a day of sewing sound so difficult? (Thinking of Judy L. here) No. But practically speaking, it's more like walk by the sewing room, fondle a couple of scraps for a few seconds every day until I abandon all housework (sometimes even friends!) and shut myself away for a few hours once a week.

I had "homework" from Tonya that I needed to do before she gives another assignment, so I ignored laundry and sewed an hour. We're working on Wonky Letters and I chose one of the easiest "H". Can you tell that these are all "H"s? I need to practice at least another three letters so you can see I'm already getting behind in my homework but I'm having fun.

I also got another star block made (the pieces were already cut) and now I have three. (I can't remember when I made the second one but I forgot to show it.) These go fast if I pre-cut. I'm hoping to have 18 when I finish. When-oh-when that will be, I have no idea.


meggie said...

You never fail to write such interesting posts!
Looking at those pears reminds me of pears we get here that are said to be Japanese, & they are called Nashi pears. The grow them in New Zealand, & I suppose they also grow them here in Australia.
I love your star blocks!

Quilt Pixie said...

I can't imagine carving an hour each and every day out of my life to sew.... I often do end up sewing that long, but I'd never sit down and get started if I felt I needed to allot that much time.... I find it amazing how much I get done in 15 minutes, and figure my attention span and the rest of life can tolerate that much commitment....

Nadine said...

Tanya, it always amazes me how beautiful and accurate star blocks you are making. Your feathered stars are breathtaking, and these are just perfect, too !
(This could be "the when-oh-when quilt" , when it's finished - I like to play at naming quilts -)

Hugs & smiles !

JudyL said...

Some days it is just impossible to find 10 minutes to sew!

Love your stars!

Shelina said...

Bloglines is slow again, how did I miss three postings? The pears look delicious! Those tissue holders look wonderful - I've been meaning to make some too for a long time. Yes all of those h's do indeed look like H's and the stars look wonderful. You may say you can't get to the sewing machine very much, but ah what you can accomplish when you do!

anne bebbington said...

Your 'H's look great - reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood with all that huffing and puffing :o)

Clare said...

Woo Hooo - lovely H's.

I can sew for hours in a day and then stop for days on end.

Just out of interest. What does your red and white stash look like? Fancy doing me some blocks?

teodo said...

fantastic! your blocks are perfect!
I sew just some hours in the afternoon and even not every day cause I haven' t a dedicated room and I work in the kitchen

atet said...

What lovely wonky letters and stars!!! Even with only an hour, you do some fantastic work!