Friday, September 14, 2007


This morning on our walk we came across the elementary school rice field with a row of homemade scarecrows standing in it. I remember that every year when our kids went to this school, the upper grades tended a rice field and each grade had a scarecrow making contest with materials brought from home. My kids would take black garbage bags, old T-shirts and yarn left over from some of my knitting projects. This is probably a project that city kids don't get a chance to do. By the way, some farmers hang up dead crows in their fields to "warn" other crows what will happen if they get near. I doubt that the crows are smart enough to read the warning and I find it incongruous to be teaching kids to respect life when the fields that the kids walk by have dead crows strung up. I much prefer the scarecrows though I don't know which way of handing the crow problem is more effective. Some of these scarecrows have "no crows allowed" signs on them, and many of them seem to be decorated with old CD's which tend to reflect light and scare the birds away. Hope they get a good harvest this year! (You do realize the one wearing the sweat shirt is me!)


Tracey in CT said...

Do you think the Japanese crows are smart enough to read the "No Crows allowed" signs?

anne bebbington said...

That implement in the crow's hand looks pretty lethal - don't get too close :o) Here in the UK sometimes little villages hold scarecrow festivals where over a certain weekend all the householders and business put little tableaus (or should that be tableaux) of scarecrows outside their property for visitors to spot - great fun!

dee said...

You're too funny and do I see your furry friend poking his head up there in the middle?

Shelina said...

I think it is wonderful how the school provides so much hands on experience - first with cleaning the school, now with rice fields and scarecrow making. This looks like so much fun!
I made a scarecrow one year - just to sit by the tree, maybe I'll have to make another one this year.

Anonymous said...

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Shiori said...

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