Friday, September 21, 2007

Sewing a little

I've been running around and keeping busy. Yesterday I joined my patchwork group and 6 of us started on putting the binding on the bazaar quilt and got most of that finished. (I think we left the end of that project for Mrs. Furui to work on. We always meet at her house so she ends up doing extra work.) As we were all getting ready to leave and trying to decide our next date to get together, Mrs. Furui pipes up. "Yes, and on that day we can start thinking about next year's bazaar quilt!" A lot of groans from the rest of us but it's the same every year. We swear we're not going to do this again and yet we barely get one quilt finished and raffled off before we're sewing on the next. We've been doing this at least twelve years now. Dedicated little group aren't we?

I've been doing my homework in Tonya's class and I am satisfied with the way I'm progressing in that class. The houses are colorful if nothing else. I need to start planning what I want to do with the house and word blocks I've made so far. Maybe find a good saying that goes with Home and houses.

I've also been working on the When-oh-When Quilt (christened by Nadine). I don't know what the real name of this quilt is. I think if some of the squares were facing the other way this would be a Stepping Stone quilt. Not too bad. A little busier than I'd expected but I can see it taking shape.

And here is Patora helping me with my ironing. That's not a very big ironing board but she didn't seem to think it necessary for her to move. Just made me iron around her. You can see she has me very well-trained.

Hmm. You can see pieces of that 365 Challenge quilt there. Yes, the challenge is seeing if your can keep up daily with the journaling. The sewing is the easy part.

Sorry about all these fractionally finished project pictures. It's going to be awhile until I get anything completed. I hope you don't get tired of seeing the stitch-by-stitch photo journal...


meggie said...

Patora looks so comfortable there!
You are always busy, & I like to see all the projects.

Nancy said...

It's great to see all these projects and I especially love the houses! Makes me want to do some!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love the wonky houses, too! I'd say you've made great progress on your 365 and the When Oh When is fantastic, not busy to me at all; but then, I do ADORE scrappy quilts.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

What can you do to make your home quilt feel more like your home? Not some random quote, but maybe family member names? the Japanese word for home? Can you make a house block that looks more like your home?

Quilt Pixie said...

your houses are turning out well -- and the words will come!

I decided to sew the 365 blocks together and give the quilt with pens to someone -- they can write or not, but will get a quilt out of the deal!

Can you show me more of the steaming cups I see hanging beside your 365 challenge?

Luna said...

I like your colourful houses...don´t know a word for it like home or house.
Oh, another cat photo. I´m happy to see patora helping you.
Have a nice day !

Kathy Wagner said...

I never get tired of seeing the progress on your 365 is encouraging to me to stay with it.
I have finished 4 months now...1/3 of the way there!!

atet said...

Those house blocks are charming -- colorful and quirky, just the way I like them. I'm sure you will think of something to do with them!

As for stitch by stitch progress -- I love seeing the process other folks go through. It lets me see my own that much more clearly because I'm thinking about it.