Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tomihiro Hoshino

Yesterday I joined a few church members and went with them to visit a museum and attend an outdoor concert. We had a wonderful time but it was COLD! The day before I'd had to open all the windows because it was so hot but yesterday I misjudged the weather and was in a thin summer shirt. I about froze!

The museum is in the wilds of a mountain area and surrounded by fields, mountains, streams and a lake. The area had once been a booming copper mining town but now it is has a ghost town feel about it except for this wonderful museum over looking the mountains. Here, the trees were already beginning to change into fall colors and the beauty was inspiring.

Why on earth would there be a museum in such a far off place? Two reasons. One because the artist lives not far from the museum and he chose to build the museum in the area he loves so much. And two, because the artist takes joy in painting the beautiful colors and delicateness of the grasses and flowers and leaves around him.

The artist's name is Tomihiro Hoshino and he is one of the more famous living artists in Japan and many people have heard of him internationally. He is a mouth artist who was injured in a gymnastics accident in 1970. He later became Christian and he leads a quiet life painting and writing poetry. I have been to the museum before but yesterday there was a gospel artist who performed Tomihiro-san's poems set to music thus a double attraction to attend. And to all the delight of the audience, Tomihiro-san and his wife also attended the concert so we caught a glimpse of them.

Tomihiro-san's art is so beautiful. He mostly paints in water colors though he has pen and ink sketches too. I think his wife whom he met and married after his accident helps him daily by mixing colors for him and applying the paint to the brush. He paints lying down though he has a wheelchair that he controls with his chin.

I have bought many of Tomihiro-san's postcards and calendars in the past and this is one of my favorites.


A tree can't move around for itself.

It tries hard to reach out its branches and to stretch as far as it can grow in its God-given place.

I regard such a tree as my friend.


Barbara said...

I think you enjoyed your visit ..and ..a beatiful calender sheet.Hugs Barbara

anne bebbington said...

What a poignant quotation with that Camelia picture from a man who's a quadraplegic

CONNIE W said...

His work is amazing and beautiful and reminds of American Joni Erickson Tada who was injured by a diving accident and although was confined to a wheelchair she learned to pain by holding a brush in her teeth. Both are such inspirations.

meggie said...

That is very beautiful Tanya. What a lovely outing for you.