Saturday, October 13, 2007

A bit of this, a bit of that

I am enjoying a lazy morning (and yesterday was a lazy evening). Tetsu is off in Tokyo for two days so I was alone last night. (With Lemi, Velvet, Cleo, Patora and Choco. Doesn't sound very alone to me.) I'm having my cup of coffee and Choco is wandering around the house. She usually is hooked to the sofa or in her "cage/kennel" when she's in the house and gets put outside after her morning walk. Since I don't expect anyone to come over today I'd like to see how she and the cats react to her household freedom.

Do we have these nifty single coffee filters in the States? I've never looked while I'm there, but for a quick cup of nice, ground coffee these are very nice. All you do is open the top and the little pre-filled filter slips onto the coffee cup and you pour in hot water.

Ok. So much for the start of the day.

I came home from teaching yesterday and spent a little time in the sewing room cutting up squares and drawing lines on fusible interfacing. Tomorrow the kids in the Sunday School class are going to try to put together a quilt for two babies in our church. (One as yet unborn). Sometimes I wonder why I open my big mouth. I "asked" if anyone was going to do anything for the two families who have babies and then mentioned I "might" be able to figure out something that the kids could do. So..... You know who is heading the project! My idea is to cut the squares, have the kids lay them on the interfacing they way they like, iron the blocks down and I'll take it home and sew the interfacing and blocks and all. Probably I'll have to figure out a border and maybe next week we can tie the quilts. If I'm industrious I may even iron some beige blocks to freezer paper and have the kids draw pictures on them with crayons. You realize we are talking about three kindergartners, a second grader, possibly a fourth grader and a fifth grader. I don't need another project (or two) but even thinking about it I get kind of excited. "Can we really do it?"

And I also sewed wonky hearts while I was up there in the sewing room. The first three I had absolutely no idea what I was doing even following Tonya's instructions. By the fifth I finally understood the process and I think by the eighth I could do them without looking at the instructions. Sometimes I'm surprised at how dense I am. You would think after all the wonky blocks I've made I'd understand the theory behind the things! They do look like hearts don't they?


Shelina said...

I've never seen coffee filters like that. They do sell coffee makers that make single servings.

You are sweet for offering to teach so many youngsters the art of quilting. It is going to be fun.

Those hearts look like fun too - and yes they look like hearts!

Quilt Pixie said...

those wonky hearts look great! When I just glanced I thought you were showing us "cat heads" :-)

Hedgehog said...

Just love those hearts!!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

yes, they sell single serving coffee bags in the states. like tea bags, only they're round shaped. my husband used them when he's in a hurry.

I love your hearts. YES they look like hearts. sometimes it takes some doing to get things to work out right, but they do. I love the colors you're using for this quilt. beautiful soft look, but not boring or too pastel.

anne bebbington said...

I did a quilt with a class of 5-6 year olds for their teacher who's a good friend of mine and a not very experienced quilter. The children all had two small squares of pale blue and some fabric crayons. They wrote their name (as best they could) on one square and drew a picture of themself on the other. They then picked two random other bright patterned squares and with lots of help stitched a four patch. I then arranged all these in a chequerboard fashion with some fun RWB beach ball fabric I had some yardage of. A thin pale blue border and a thicker beach ball border finished the top. I quilted it for them in a large meander and the school donated it to Project Linus. Sadly I didn't get a photo of it but it worked out really well.

Mary said...

Yes, they DO look like hearts. I like the quilt for the baby at church but it sounds like it was rather complicated!