Monday, October 22, 2007


The weekend went by quickly with a lot of chatting with friends but very little sewing done. I had a lovely time at the kindergarten bazaar sitting in the "tearoom" and chatting with people whom I hadn't seen in a long time. Parents of kids that Takumi and Leiya went to kindergarten with, old neighbors (we used to live near the kindergarten), teachers who have retired and have children of their own. No, I did not win the raffle quilt (as expected?) but I'm sure the kindergarten mother who did can't believe her good fortune! It is so nice to know that our quilt group has made someone happy and at the same time made a little money for the kindergarten.

Yesterday, we did the second round of the Sunday School baby quilt with a different group of kids. The week before there were only babies, yesterday three older kids joined so in some ways the process went smoother. BUT, I had prepared a lot of blue fabrics because I'd been told that the expected baby was a boy. When I got to the church the pastor's wife told me the family had had a baby girl! That was a surprise! (And if it was a surprise to me, think what a surprise it was to the family who had been told their baby was a boy and they'd been referring to it with a boy's name the past couple months!) I guess that's a lesson to always expect surprises. So today, even though I'd already prepared blue borders for this quilt I rummaged through my stash and found some acceptable pink fabric. The fabric is actually different from last week's quilt, but it looks the same in the pictures. Here it is in the flimsy stage and again with last week's quilt that is waiting to be tied. Next Sunday after church we'll have all the church members tie both quilts and pray for both babies.

And another half finished project is the Wonky Word quilt. I added some houses and hearts to this phrase but I still am not sure how I'm going to get all four phrases together into one quilt. I really need to get all these quilts off the floor so that there is space to walk around in these rooms (I'm overflowing into the second room now!) How much more patience from Tetsu can I expect?


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

the wonky word quilt looks great. it's coming along really well. I know you can get it all together.

Helen said...

I love your wonky word and houses quilt. Great colours. I look forward to seeing it all together some time in the future!