Friday, October 19, 2007

Finished quilts

Sewing on Thursday! Actually not much actual sewing but some good chatting time with sewing friends and I got to see what is being done by other people. Some gorgeous hand quilting by a couple ladies and some beautiful color schemes. Those pictures will come later.

I have two pictures of finished quilts, one by Mrs. Harada who has been working on this quilt for two years. This is for her husband and the quilting is very fine. She doesn't like quilting particularly but you certainly can't tell by looking at this beauty! She still has to get a label on this one and she is already working on another for one of her sons.

And maybe you all recognize this though the picture isn't that great. YEAH!!! The kindergarten bazaar quilt is finished!!! Tomorrow it will be given to the kindergarten mothers in charge of the raffle and by 2:00 will be in the hands of the fortunate winner! I will be buying raffle tickets too, so you never know... This quilt was "discovered" on Quilting Bebbs (Jan. 16) blog at the beginning of the year and I contacted Anne to ask if we could reproduce it for the bazaar. Thank you, Anne! It came out beautifully and I know everyone who sees it for the first time tomorrow will be thrilled with it!


nonchi said...



CONNIE W said...

Japanese quilters make beautiful quilts! They're lovely!

Shelina said...

Both of these are beautiful quilts with excellent workmanship.

Jeanne said...

Love both quilts! Scrappy quilts are my favorite.

anne bebbington said...

Tanya - the bazaar quilt has turned out so beautifully - I feel so flattered that you wanted to copy mine and ashamed that mine is still a flimsy in the cupboard, well done to all of you ladies who have worked on it - it's a real credit to you all

Elaine Adair said...

Two lovely, scrappy quilts - how pretty they each are. Thank you for posting them. I find it interesting that there they are in Japan, and they look a LOT like what we make her. We are not too different, are we?

meggie said...

Both those quilts are sooo beautiful!
I hope you win!!

atet said...

Both of those quilts are just beautiful! I love the star quilt your friend made -- I can see why it took two years -- and it was worth the time and effort!