Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting confused

Thank you for all the nice words and encouragement yesterday. You know, I didn't really mean to be melancholy, and no, I didn't spend the day just reflecting on the past. I think the old saying "Time heals all wounds" is true. Maybe not all, maybe not completely healed but as time goes by the hard memories become easier to deal with. I think this is a good lesson to remember. People think they will never get over something but in my own experience I can say, "Hey, I laugh a lot. I have a lot of fun." And I can say along with Mrs. Goodneedle. "Life is Good!!!"

I got a minimum amount of sewing in yesterday. I guess I didn't show you all the letters I'd made over the weekend for my last phrase (which I quoted wrong so I made a replacement word yesterday too.) I have made all the letters I'm going to make! (At least for this quilt.) Now to put them in some order. Are they going to go across in sentences? Are they going together vertically? Are they going to go around in the border? I need to make some decisions and write it down because the cats think I'm playing with them down there on the floor and the blocks get moved by themselves!

I also made another block for the When-oh-When quilt. I don't know how people like Anne keep their projects straight. I haven't thought about this quilt for what, two weeks? Is that any reason to forget entirely what I was doing? I mean, I couldn't remember if I was cutting strips 2" or 3 1/2" or what. And was I really planning to use that dull brown or did I have some green somewhere? It took me awhile but I made a block and it seems to be the right size. This will teach me to stay with a quilt to the end. (But if I stay with the When-oh-When, I'm going to forget what I was doing with the Wonky Quilt. Oh my gosh! Do I remember the measurements for the Feathered Star quilt? Those blocks are hidden away somewhere too!)

And look what my nice neighbor brought to my door yesterday. This is the neighbor whose name I don't know but I've determined he doesn't really want me to know. I asked him and he said "call me Yuzu's (the dog) dad." another time he said "Call me Yumetaro. That's my stage name. Ahaha!" Anyway this is a little doll vest that the older ladies (obaachan) at the Day Care Center where he works made. In Japanese it is called a Chanchanko. Children especially would wear these in the winter though you don't see them much anymore. When the Obaachans were young they must have made them for their own children. Now they make doll clothes to pass the time away.


Shelina said...

I often forget my the details of my quilts too - I try keeping lots of notes and keeping them with the fabric, so I know what my decisions were, even though I have permission to change my mind, but sometimes the notes walk away.

I hope you have a doll for that doll vest.

andsewitis Holly said...

Your words are looking great. I like the saying you decided on. Very fitting.

anne bebbington said...

Tanya - you've got me all wrong - I don't keep track of what I'm doing either I'm just good at pretending I do :o) and hiding the half finished projects in the big cupboard in my sewing room (now I'll have the rest of the family screaming at me that it's not actually only my sewing room!)

dee said...

I'm glad you're feeling better today. You are right about memories. They never really go away, they just soften around the edges.
Your letters look great and what a treasure to get as a gift. Lovely
In my...ahem...sewing room(Ha!)I put all the important information on a piece of paper and put it in ziplock bags or boxes with the unfinished work.My memory gets worse all the time and being forgetful is sometimes fun- You should see my closet. It's like an archeological dig in there-one day, they will find me under a pile of UFOs when they all fall down on me.
Have a great day Tanya.

The Calico Cat said...

Love that quote and your little helper...

Jane Weston said...

Your cat looks very much like it is trying to read...this might be a dangerous thing y'know!


Luna said...

Oh your cats in the middle of the words. I like your saying !

Now, I scroll back to your post yesterday....
I´m so sorry about your child Maya.
To read this made me sad and sorry, Tanya, but my English is not good enough to find the right words.
You are in my thought
Many "hugs" to you !!!

Quilt crazy said...

Hugs to you...grief is such a odd thng...always there with us at some level...coming back at both the expected and unexpected times. Those memories are precious and a part of who are. Put a link to your blog on mine today

meggie said...

I have just read yesterday's post along with this one.
So sorry for your firstborn. Hugs Tanya.
What a blessing your children all were/are.
I always say, if you look closely at every life, there is always some grief to see.
I love that little doll vest.

atet said...

Your wonky letters are looking fantastic and that doll vest is lovely!

And yes -- time does make memories easier to deal with, but it's still ok to be a little sad too :0).