Monday, October 01, 2007

October goals

October 1st and time to consider what all got done last month and plan for this month.

Well, the diet went down the drain but the walking is still up to par. Wonder how that will even out.

I managed to accomplish all of my set goals but I cheated on one and yesterday evening cut 10 strips of fabric just to be able to say that, yes, I have started on the corner blocks of the Feathered Star Quilt! The bazaar quilt got quilted. The 365 Challenge is up-to-date. I'm staying on top of Tonya's class. I made 9 stars for the When-oh-When quilt.

So... What's for October?
  1. I seem to have the most drive to do the quilt in Tonya's class so that's up first.
  2. I also started a mini-quilt for a friend using the same wonky words and I want to finish that this week.
  3. Make at least 4 stars for the When-oh-When quilt
  4. Make 20 corner blocks for the Feathered Star quilt
  5. Continue with the 365 Quilt
Ok. That seems like a lot again but in November I'll even be busier so those are at least the goals. Unfortunately I have nothing that I can do just sitting in front of the TV but I'm definitely not going to think up another project!

And this morning I put up some new quilts around the house so here is a picture of one of those. Dang-it-all, here is another quilt with no label on it so I don't know when I made it. It is an original pattern made by my friend Noriko who specializes in Stained Glass Quilts. She sent me a lot of the fabric for this too and though she does all her applique by machine I did mine by hand. (Her sewing machine is fantastic for tiny applique stitches!) I often see wild ducks around getting ready to head for Siberia for the winter and this quilt reminds me of them

Another quilt I have (ah, this one says I made it in June, 1995) is one of my first attempts at a water color quilt. I think Mrs. Furui and I bought a pre-cut fabric squares and added our own fabric and made whatever design we wanted. I remember both of us peering through red cellophane trying to decide the color value in the fabrics. Can you see that I was trying to make a moon? I hand quilted this randomly (this was before I'd even heard of machine quilting!) and for some reason quilted it back side up so that the lines would flow. It is so busy I don't think anyone can see or cares if the quilt lines flow or not but it was important to me at the time.

Autumn days are just around the corner!


dot said...

I really like the moon. It reminds of a Harvest moon. Great idea. I might have to try this. Beautiful quilts.

anne bebbington said...

Both beautiful quilts Tanya - I'm very partial to stained glass and that's a lovely pattern

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well done, both quilts are very pretty. I have a half-done, hand-quilted basket quilt that is in it's current state of half completion (where it's been for 9 years!)precisely because of my stubbornness regarding flowing lines of quilting (that I decided HAD to be done from the backside)running over intersections and bulky seam allowances. This is silly when I think about it now. Maybe I should drag that out and in an act of sheer defiance that comes with age complete it by machine! What difference would it make? We can be our own worst enemies sometimes! Ha!!

meggie said...

Lovely stained glass quilt! The colours are so soft & pretty too.
And your colourwash as we call them is very nice too.
Good luck with your Ocotober goals.

Shelina said...

Tanya, that is the whole point of having goals, so that you can make some progress right before the deadline just to say that you have met your goals! However else will we accomplish things? Both of your quilts are so beautiful - I am tempted to rush out and make both of them, but of course I have to control myself and finish the ones I have already started first.

atet said...

Your moon quilt is absolutely lovely. I love looking at the moon and the watercolor really does represent it well.

comicbooklady said...

I love your moon quilt! It's the first I've seen in a watercolour quilt, usually it's flowers in a window. I like this!