Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Good Witch

I've got tons of Halloween pictures that I thought I'd save until Halloween but there are too many for one post so I show some today.

First off, I found a pumpkin! Actually one of my students tracked it down for me at a florist's shop so I hightailed it over there and bought it and put it in front of Tetsu and said "Please carve it for me!" Here is my husband's pumpkin creation. I'm carrying it to the pre-school and kindergarten but otherwise it sits in front of the house making my corner of the neighborhood a little bit fun. (We're the only jack-o-'lantern for miles around!)

Yesterday I went to the pre-school as a Halloween "good witch" and gave out cookies and sang a couple of songs. The teachers really went all out and all the kids had costumes on! I'm sure they had a great time and since the principal took these pictures for me (and she knows I blog) I guess I can post these.

And this is my get up for Halloween. I must have made this dress at least 10-12 years ago and I wear it everyday the week of Halloween. The vest is interchangeable and I did make a Christmas vest but the cotton fabric is too flimsy for the Christmas season so I've never worn it but at Halloween. I appliqued the vest from some pattern but unfortunately I don't remember where. The other accessories have been added over the years. The black hat someone gave me. The earring are pompoms and pipe-cleaners hot bonded together. Every year we do crafts (or cookies) for Halloween in my English classes and one year we made the Styrofoam spider. I added it to the hat and all the kids just love to see it bobbing about from the rim. Another year we made the clothespin bat from felt and that got added to my get up. (I like the upside down effect) And yesterday we made the bead spider that's sitting on my shoulder. I'll try to get a better picture of that in tomorrow's class.

Yesterday, and every year, I had shopping to do in town after going to the pre-school and except for the hat I wore this outfit in the stores. I think that in America the cashiers or other shoppers might give a laugh and say something like "Where's your broom?" or even "Happy Halloween!" but though everyone in Japan knows that Halloween season is here (the stores are decorated!) no one says a word to me and I can feel everyone looking out the corners of their eyes as I walk by. Conversation stops and you just know that people are thinking "Look at that poor lady. She must have lost her marbles." No one cracks a smile... Lighten up people!!


Hedgehog said...

So glad that you found a pumpkin!! Love the kids' costumes.

anne bebbington said...

Love the pumpkin - he made a good job of it! I get the impression that the Japanese are in general a very serious race - hope you find your marbles, I'll hazard a guess they've disappeared in the same direction as mine :o) Love the waistcoat! (vest)

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

The kids are darling. You look beautiful and what a great outfit. Love Tetsu's jack o lantern - so glad you were able to find a pumpkin!

dee said...

pumpkin looks great-keep having a blast-the heck with people with no sense of humor.

Shelina said...

You certainly do more for Halloween than I do! I am glad you found a pumpkin, and taking it to class sur ehelps get that Halloween spirit out to the kids.
Your outfit is adorable.

Jeanne said...

Wonderful pictures! I'm happy you were able to find a real pumpkin. Tetsu did a great job carving it, too. The kids and you are adorable.
Thanks for sharing the fun time.

Fiona said...

Love your Halloween outfit! Very tasteful but still fun.

Fiona said...

Love your Halloween outfit! Very tasteful but still fun.

meggie said...

Wonderful outfit!
Tetsu made a great job of the pumkin carving!
I can imagine the children have so much fun with you!