Monday, November 05, 2007

A day out with Choco

I missed posting yesterday but Tetsu and Choco and I had a great day!!

Tetsu suggested we go off for a drive and see the autumn colors in the mountains but of course it was touch and go if the weather would be nice or not. Quite often when Tetsu has the day off I've already got something planned and vice-versa and when we do both have time the weather doesn't hold but yesterday everything was in our favor so off we went.

"Are we really taking Choco with us?" Tetsu moaned.

Choco is so hyper that she is constantly jumping around in the back seat trying to get in the front seat etc. If we let her, she sticks her head out the window like Paul Revere crossing the Delaware, but yesterday it was too cold. You would think that this dog would learn that she'll get a lot more pleasure out of life if she'd just listen to us! We could take her more places, have her stay with us in the house etc. By the time we reached our destination I had a headache from trying to keep her settled so that Tetsu could drive safely!

And our destination was a ski resort with a long rope way going up the mountain to a walking course. Hmm... Again, is this dog going to behave or not? The signs said dogs were allowed if they fit in a dog crate but Choco is a big dog. Anyway, through the lobby with hundreds of people milling around and Choco frantic being in a new place with new things to see. I was ready to give up on the whole idea! The ticket lady said yes, there was a crate Choco could use so we bought our tickets and continued through the crowds. Next we got to stand in a line which was another challenge for Choco, especially when a few feet behind us a family had come with a couple of Beagles. All three dogs lost control but of course Beagles can be scooped up and shushed. Tetsu was wrestling with Choco's leash trying not to knock over people in the line. Don't we sound like obnoxious dog owners? But actually people seemed quite interested in seeing this big "101 Dalmatians" dog. (She's not a true Dalmatian but she has the spots.)

And then boarding the rope way gondola. Put Choco in the crate which was large enough to hold her. The skill was maneuvering ourselves and the crate (both of us had to carry the crate) onto the moving gondola. There was hardly enough room to get our legs in once the crate was in (I guess taking Golden Retrievers, St. Bernards and Great Danes would be out) but we squeezed in and were on our way up the mountain. Choco couldn't enjoy the scenery (probably a good idea) but it was beautiful! Once at the top we were able to walk around for about an hour and enjoy the autumn colors.

As with any place you go to in Japan, even at the top of the mountain, there were lots of people and a few small dogs too (Dachshunds, Yorkshire Terriers) but Choco was very popular with the other "hikers". Tetsu kept her on a short leash but Choco seemed to catch on that she was on a "Heel" and stayed close to Tetsu's side. Unheard of in our normal walk! People were reaching out to pet her and were coming at her from all sides but she stayed calm and acted like an extremely well-trained dog. Amazing!

Why is Tanya going on so much about this dog? Because this is our dog that I was afraid to have people come near her because she might bite! This is the dog that lunged at people and can't sit, stay, heel, come or be quiet! This is an uncontrollable, hyper canine that no one but her parents (me and Tetsu) could love. But not yesterday! She was the model dog! (Unfortunately on this morning's walk she was back to being hyper.)

Anyway, we were very proud of Choco yesterday and we all felt like stars of a show with all the attention we got! Good Dog!

Doesn't she look like she's thinking, "What was that thing?!"


Mary said...

Sounds like a lovely day out. It's nice that Choco was able to go with you and enjoy the outing.

I have to admit one thing I love about Chesty is if he goes all wild I can pick him up and control him that way. I've been better the last year or so about making him walk nicely beside me on a shortened leash but Keith lets him get away with running all over the place with the leash streched out to it's full length.

anne bebbington said...

You know my kids have always been the type who would behave like little angels at other people's houses and at school even if they were really little devils at home - I've always said I prefer it this way round as at least I could trust them not to let me down when they were with other people no matter how trying they are to me. It seems like Choco is the same as he behaved in somewhere new but is a little horror in his usual surroundings - I'm so glad you could have such a lovely day out all together

Laurie Ann said...

Glad Choco was such a good boy! I hope he got a special treat. :)

meggie said...

I would love to take our dogs out with us, but Leo is becoming a very naughty boy. I loved reading this post, & those trees are such beautiful colours, Tanya.

Jeanne said...

That sure looked like a fun day! Glad Choco was able to go, too. He looks very well behaved.

Una said...

it's wonderful that Choco was able to go out.

One of the reasons Choco might be hyper is his genetics. He is a hunting dog (mix breed of it anyway) and those dogs need work both for their noses (man trailing comes to mind) and for their bodies (agility, obedience, dog dancing). He needs to be worked to be a happy and obedient dog. The way he is now, he sounds like a very under-worked dog, hence his antics and hyperactivity. Is there a chance to find a dog training centre with agility or man trailing courses? This way, Choco will be a dream dog if he can work.