Sunday, November 25, 2007

Advice please!

I just had a scary experience. It took me 30 minutes to get into my blog to create a post and Blogger kept telling me I didn't have an account, there was no valid user name, they didn't have my password etc. I have no idea how I got into it now. After numerous attempts I just seemed to slip in but I don't know why.

Any advice? My first thought was "how am I going to let blogger friends know that I'm here but can't post?" Comment on my own blog? I think I could still do that. How would I get in contact with someone who would know how to put things right? Scary, scary.... Anyone ever had a similar experience? Is there some way to detour around the signing in? I usually just bookmark myself to the create page so that I don't do the signing in part and it had been so long since I'd signed in that I'd even forgotten how but I had all the information written down in a notebook so I knew I wasn't making a mistake.

Maybe I need to get another account, put myself down as a new member and then have two ways to get in. If anyone has any advice please let me know! And if you don't hear from me again know that I'm sobbing away in front of my computer!

Well. That wasn't how I'd planned to start this post today. I was going to tell you about going to Tetsu's convalescent home this week. They were having a family day and were displaying some of the things that the residents and care workers had made. For some reason Tetsu thought it would be a good idea to display some of my quilts so he had pinned those up on the walls. I came just to be supportive and see what some of the older people had made. I'm sure that most of the crafts had been given a lot of "help" by the care workers at the convalescent home since not too many of the residents have much understanding nor dexterity but still, the hall was very bright and cheerful.

Look at all these origami balls that were hanging along the hallway! I've tried doing these and they are really quite difficult and I was amazed at all the different shapes and types that could be found. One of the care workers must be a professional at making these or else she really likes origami!

And look at this set. Can you tell that these balls were made of newspaper advertisement paper? Very clever. And then there was this very bright and cheerful "vase" of origami lilies! This looked like it might have been an joint effort. Even the vase part had been made of painted newspaper rolled up in long, tight strips, woven together and then painted so that it looked like basketwork.

And the big event of the day was marshmallow bobbing. This is a take off on apple bobbing and instead of apples and a tub of water they were using marshmallows in a box of flour. The "fun" part was that the participant's face gets pushed into the flour as deeply as possible and they come up looking like a ghost! I was invited to participate so here I am completely covered in flour! I had flour in my ears and up my nose and even in the evening I was still sort of white and flaky. (Maybe I'm always flaky.)

Here's to hoping I can blog again tomorrow... If you don't here from me, check back at the comments in a few days. Keeping my fingers crossed...


Quilt Pixie said...

maybe blogger saw you all white like a ghost and thought you weren't you... Sounds like a very frustrating experience -- I have a couple of accounts that can post onto my blog, so hope one will always let me -- I expect it was just blogger doing some work on one of thier pieces that wouldn't let you in but regardless I'd be dropping them an email...

Mary said...

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Mary said...

I haven't had that problem before but sometimes blogger gets the hiccups. Usually trying a few times gets me past any problems.

I think if something happened to me and I couldn't get in my blog...I'd email another blogger and ask them to post a note to their blog that I was having problems and then try to figure it out. A lot of us read the same blogs so that would probably get the word out!

Now if blogger would just allow us to edit our comments when we've had a typo I wouldn't have had to delete and comment again!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I'd be upset if I couldn't get into by blog too. I'm with Mary - suspect it was just a hiccup on bloggers part. glad you made it in safely. you could definitely have sent an email out and anyone of us could have posted a note for you. and if none of us could get into our accounts either, you'd have known it was a blogger problem for sure.

the decorations are really lovely. bobbing into flour? yeeeeesh. messy. although I guess bobbing into water is too.

anne bebbington said...

That does sound scary - I once had a totally white screen instead of my blog and ended up having to go in and press the republish button - I think blogger just has the odd hiccup now and again like the days where it just won't let you post pictures for no reason at all
Hopefully it will be a temporary glitch

QuiltingFitzy said...

OMG, the marshmallow bobbing is SO funny! I don't think I could stand pushing my face down into flour, would feel like I can't breathe! Hope you were at least successful in coming up with a treat!

Those origami balls are beautiful!

atet said...

Hopefully it was just blogger acting up. (I sometimes think it is like a child who is trying to get away with something -- if you keep asking the same question over and over again, eventually you get it to do what you want!)

I love the marshmallow bobbing photo! What fun!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tanya,

It's thanksgiving weekend here. Four days off work. Crazy people
are christmas shopping. Aggressive men are watching football.
Everyone else in this country is on the computer.

Blogger,, Newegg, all the computer retailers are very slow if
not clogged.

It will be better tomorrow.

I sent you a small, ugly, wadded up, package. The postman took it
and has not brought it back so I guess the customs form and the
postage were enough. I think it is going by sea turtle. t PS your mail is bouncing, too.