Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I am not getting much sewing done!

Unfortunately I had to run Lemi to the vet yesterday. She's been off for a couple of days and we were getting really worried. Not eating, sleeping all day, sort of staggering around looking lost. Tetsu had tended to think that old age has set in and to let nature run its course. I took her anyway and she got a couple shots, was a real wild cat and scratched the poor nurse so that the girl was bleeding all down her arm. The vet told me not to give up on Lemi yet. If she's got that much fight in her then she's planning to be around a while longer! She seems somewhat better today. And now I've got to take Choco in for annual shots. (I contemplated taking both in yesterday but thought that if Lemi was in dire straights she wouldn't appreciate sharing a car with her arch enemy, Choco.)

So the little sewing I did, let's see, was it on Saturday? I'll show here. Appropriately the two blocks I did are cats. I've still got the Word quilt on my mind and my assignment was to make a bunch of hearts and a few more animals. I've got one dog block, and already had made two of those cat blocks but I made another two. That seems to depict my animal family so I hadn't planned on making more animals, but I still need to make something! More houses? More hearts for sure. What else?

I guess I need to arrange some sewing time, but not today! I'm off with Choco to the kindergarten and vet in a few minutes!


andsewitis Holly said...

Lovin' those free pieced cats. I'm glad Lemi is feeling a little more spunky today.

Tracey in CT said...

I like the blue kitty. Seems to have a bit of attitude, maybe its a Siamese?

Glad that Lemi is okay :-)

atet said...

Once again I was behind on my blog reading (though, the visit from my mother was so much fun I don't mind much!) and once again I come to your blog and smile through your posts as I learn more about Japan and get to see the lovely projects you are working on. Thank you so much for sharing your days and your creative work!

I love your free pieced kitties -- they are wonderful!

anne bebbington said...

Why do our families and our animals conspire against us to prevent us stitching :o)

Luna Germany said...

Oh, I like the cat blocks, you sewed. It is easy , or not ? For a beginner like me ? Would you like to give me the template ?
Is Lemi doing better, now? As I wrote the post I don´t know the other word for syringe, he he, so I learn here the other word is: shot.
Today I feel a little weak and Steffen the small boy too. He is not at school today.
We have storm today and really November weather and we want to make it cozy here today.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Oh no, poor Lemi. hope she still has her frog buddy to snuggle up with. Your cat blocks look great - I particularly admire the blue cat.

CONNIE W said...

I imagine your kitty blocks will soon find themselves in a great looking quilt. Your hands are always busy and I admire your ability to accomplish so many, many things. I hope your Lemi does improve.

meggie said...

I like your little animals.
Let us hope Lemi makes a full recovery.