Friday, November 16, 2007

Regular life

Back to every day life.

Lemi has come around beautifully and seems to be fully recovered. I fed her medicine for a week and stuffing those pills down her throat put my fingers in danger each night! Not happy with me! The interesting thing is that her personality has really changed. She used to be very aloof and finicky but now she seeks out people's laps, wants to eat all the time, plays with my yarn, sleeps in Choco's bed (during the day when Choco is outside) and has even made friends with Choco. The two of them can be together and Choco won't attack anymore! I don't know if this is an attitude change in just Lemi or if it is in Choco, but the two can sit side by side now! Amazing!

And here is Patora. She is such a fat cat! And she always is getting into something. She seems to find the printer fascinating as it spits out papers to her and she can spend quite a bit of time just watching the printer do its job.

And here is Patora again sitting at the entrance. She is "talking" with a Halloween candy dispenser (I put it away after I took this picture.) The dispenser works by a light sensor and when you reach in for the candy in the dish it talks to you. "Happy Halloween!" "Go pick on someone your own size". Patora was sitting there in the light and every time she moved a bit the dispenser would talk to her. Occasionally she "meowed" back and was making acquaintance with this new friend.

I finally found some time to sew yesterday and I made up two more dog blocks and I'm quite pleased with those. These look like dogs don't they? If I put some button eyes on them when the quilt is finished, you could tell that these are furry friends can't you? These took a lot of time to make and I wasted a lot of fabric by sewing, cutting off excess, cutting off again, cutting off AGAIN, throwing the piece away, starting over... I seem to have forgotten a tail on the one dog but I don't think I can add it at this late date.

And for knitting, I have started a vest for Tetsu. This is yarn from another vest that I had knitted for him a few years ago and that he stopped wearing. I unraveled the yarn and now am re-knitting it. Do you think I'm cheap? Well, yarn is expensive and though I always budget for his yearly vest or sweater and re-knit old yarn into things for myself, there's no way I'm going to get around to my own knitting this year so I might as well use the yarn and save some money!


Quilt Pixie said...

it is not cheap to reuse, it is responsible. I love the dog sitting looking straight forward. he's got a wonderful shape and was well worth the time! :-)

Kieny said...

Love your dog blocks, those ears look great. There is nothing wrong with re-using your yarn Tanya. This summer I came back from Holland with a whole bag full of used yarn, given to me by my mother and sister.

anne bebbington said...

Tanya - you're not cheap at all - it used to be known as thrifty - now it's eco-friendly as you're recycling - well done you, saving the planet in your own way. Love the pieced doggies - you've way more patience than me!

The Calico Cat said...

Love the pieced dog & the "cat tails"... :o)

My girl will watch the computer screen. (What she was actually doing in my post yesterday.) Especially when Yahoo has a moving advertisement on it...

Once upon a time ago, Target had a moving ad with thier dog, the dog would occasionally leave the screen, Rhapsody would look around the back of the laptop trying to find that dog. (She is also a fan of Wild America - a show on TV.)

Laurie Ann said...

So glad that Lemi is doing well and that she and Choco are getting along. That must make your heart sing!!

Love the dog! Yes, it totally looks like a dog and I love it!!

Beth said...

Tanya that is called THRIFTY! If I'm not mistaken, that is a very Japanese trait! I love the dogs...I may have to try my hand at those after Christmas. In
between feathered stars, of course!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

That's so great that Lemi is doing well and cozying up to Choco as well - great progress. Love your pieced dog blocks - fabulous job. and love the cabbage in your next post too - lovely. I have a black thumb myself - terrible with plants.

atet said...

How great that Choco and Lemi are getting along! Love the dog blocks (and they don't need eyes to allow you to see they are dogs -- but the eyes would be cute). I love the yarn you are using for Tetsu's sweater -- reusing isn't cheap, it's a sound decision about allocation of resources. :0) When you put it like that it sounds all pretty and stuff!

As for plants -- um, I'm not much better than you are these days, I keep forgetting to water!