Friday, November 02, 2007


If nothing else, October was a month of munching. Ahh~~ I really need to stop eating so many sweets, But they are all so good! So here are a couple pictures of the good things I ate this week.

First off is a Halloween Cheesecake which one of the mothers brought for the English kids one evening and which we enjoyed completely. It doesn't have the volume of Marie Calendar's cheesecakes (Californians may know what I'm talking about!) but it was delicious and Tetsu and I finished off the leftovers that night. Another mother brought these cute little Halloween pails filled with candy so I get to eat that later on.

Another delicacy this week was this cute little Dog Cake! I could hardly bear to eat it! It came in a little paper doghouse with a four leaf clover on it. Can you see the brushstroke ears? It also had a brushstroke tail on the backside. These little cakes are filled with sweet white bean paste which is really delicious! (Trust me!)

And then someone brought me a whole box of these cute little Chick Cakes. These are actually the same cake as the Dog Cake above (same white bean paste) just made into the shape of a chick (you kinda have to use your imagination). I just took the Chick Cake's picture so had to unwrap it from it's paper packaging. So~~ I have to eat it now of course!


Kieny said...

That little dog cake is too cute to eat!

Quilt Pixie said...

the styled cake is soooo cute!

Shelina said...

What a bunch of cute treats. Are they Halloween gifts?

Laurie Ann said...

Oh, that dog cake is so cute!! Makes me smile.