Saturday, November 17, 2007

Winter flowers

There are things I need to do on this computer that I have done before and I can't remember how to do them. It's driving me crazy and put me in a very bad mood. I don't know if the computer is the problem or me! Grrr. Every year I make and send out Christmas/New Years cards with family pictures. I do it only once a year of course so in the course of the year I have forgotten how! My computer is so old I'm afraid to download software that would make the whole process easier so I aggravate myself to distraction trying to understand Microsoft Word (and in the Japanese language, so you can multiply those frustrations ten-fold!) I was also trying to "chat" with Takumi but this computer for some reason no longer does chat so I can't get to him either.

My computer and I have a love/hate relationship. I caress the keys daily while blogging, looking for Internet information and e-mailing but sometimes I'd like to dump my coffee cup contents over its head (if I could find it.)

So, what do I have to report on today?

I went to the local nursery and bought some flowers to hopefully make our front yard a little more colorful during the winter months. Every year I think I ought to give up on flowers. I'm such a terrible gardener. I feel sorry for the poor plants that come to my home. I sort of dig a hole, stick them in and when they've wilted give them water. In the winter I'm afraid to even do that since I know that water will turn to ice. For yesterday's flowers I most stayed with habotan which I know is hardy enough to last most of the winter. Do you have these in other countries? I've never seen them in California. In the dictionary it says they are a type of kale! Wow! I wonder if you could eat them?

When I first came to Japan there seemed to be only one type that was big and looked very much like an over grown cabbage. I did not think everyone's houses looked so attractive with cabbages sitting around their yard but now that I'm a homeowner I realize it is about the only thing that will live through the winter. And nowadays there are so many types you can pick and choose. I chose ones that were smaller and a bit more floral.

All the other plants that I've been helping along throughout the summer months I have moved indoors, and now they only have to survive being ravaged by the cats!


Quilt Pixie said...

Being from the frozen North (Canada) I find even the idea of a garden in winter -- other then of ice sculptures or icicles -- novel!

Rosalind said...

Yes we have them in UK-------ornamental cabbage!I bet they are edible too!

anne bebbington said...

We call then ornamental cabbages in the UK and we have them too although winter flowering pansies do very well here too

teodo said...

I too have some problem with computer!!!

In Italy we have these flowers but I don't know their name.

ciao ciao

harts4Him said...

Here in the USA, Louisiana, they are called ornamental cabbage. Pretty, but yes, looks like cabbage growing in the flower bed. They look really nice with Mums, which are a staple to most fall gardens here.


meggie said...

We call those plants ornamental Kale here. I have never grown any myself, but I have seen some in Council gardens.
I loved your last post too, about your cats, & dog. Fancy Lemi having a change of personality! It is nice to think she is friends with Choco!