Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas shopping?

Ok. I have just done my Christmas shopping via Amazon. I know, it is the easy way to go but at this late date I have no other choice. It's not that I wasn't thinking of things earlier but.... I'm a procrastinator. Also I don't like using credit cards but again, no other choice.

Anyway, the California family is taken care of. Takumi got gypped out because I couldn't think of a single thing and when I asked him his only suggestion was an old game we had lying around the house. That's right! He wanted the old game! Talk about an economical child! So I packed it up in a shoe box and sent it off this week. I thought about sending him money but what with the tips he gets from working he probably makes more than I do!

And Leiya and her host brothers got small things from us last week because one of their friends was visiting our city and he took back a box from us.

I don't know what I'll do for Tetsu's mother. I picked up some tea that is pricey and that she always appreciates but that doesn't seem like enough. She's expressed an interest in a patchwork bag but should I work on that when I have more time to put my heart into it or should I do a quicky job now?

Tetsu's present is knitted and put away and though I shouldn't, I've started something new. Here is a quick picture of the fabric and I hope to get more of the sewing process posted at a later date. The fabric is store bought quilted fabric but it is rather nice. It has a Japanese patchwork feel to it without all the piecing. What do you think I'm making?

And just because she is cute, here is a picture of Choco enjoying a nap time curled up by Tetsu's legs. (Both of them on the floor!) I guess Tetsu doesn't think that dog needs to be cleaner to be sleeping on that quilt! (I guess I don't either since I'm the one who took the picture!)


meggie said...

Hi Tanya, I love that blue fabric! It is very pretty.
Gorgeous photo of Choco on Tetsu's legs.

I have an award for you, if you like to pop over to my blog to collect it!!

Quilt crazy said...

The Christmas star quilt at my blog ( ) is from December 1996 American Patchwork and Quilting. If you would like the instructions, send me your email address. It is very easy and fun!!

I'm glad someone has started shopping...I'm heading out to the outlet mall by 7:30 this morning, hoping to do it all in one big trip!

Quilt Pixie said...

I picked up the phone and did my shopping yesterday too -- they promise to have it to me next week, it was fast, and didn't involve crowds! What more could a girl ask for :-)

Shelina said...

I'm glad you have your shopping out of the way. I'm sure Takumi will appreciate the game more than anything else - it isn't always the $$ that counts! The blue fabric is beautiful. I'm sure it will make up something really nice.

You could make sure Tetsu's mother knows all the different uses for the tea you bought her!

Luna said...

I also like that blue fabric.
Today I was shopping 6 hours for Christmas in Bremen and I also bought tea for my mother and books for my father. But last year I bought all the toys for the kids at´s an easy way for shopping.
The last photo with choco is so cute!