Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy again

The best news first!

The dog we found yesterday has been returned to its owners! Thank you Lord! Forgive me that I didn't have more faith in God. In the Japanese animal shelter system. In the people who own dogs. Thank You for letting us be a link in the chain to help one of Your creatures!

You cannot believe how a little phone call this morning from the animal shelter brightened my day. I feel bad that my moods can be changed by such a small thing. Yesterday after posting Tetsu and I decided to take a picture of the dog and after the dog was taken away by the shelter (me in tears) we made posters and set out on a mission to find the dog's owner. We went around the farming areas accosting people out peacefully walking their own dogs showing them the picture and asking if they'd ever seen the dog. We hit the vet's offices and asked supermarkets to post the picture. In the end, there was nothing more for us to do though Tetsu now admits he was ready to bring the dog back by the end of the week just to give it more time.

After being away for a few hours we pulled up in our driveway to find Choco sitting on the doorstep! She was loose! Slipped her collar again and who knows how long she had been out gallivanting about! What a nightmare that would have been if she'd gone off and not come back and we would have had to call the shelter again to say we'd lost our own dog! I need to have more faith in Choco too. I didn't think she cared that she was our dog or not and that at first chance she'd head for the hills and we'd never see her again. Or she'd lose her way, or she'd get hit by a car, or she'd bite some neighbor. I guess not, because she was waiting peacefully for us at the front door. That considerably helped me to count some blessings.

And then this morning's phone call and I am happy, happy, happy!

Ok. Back to quilting things which is what I was hoping to post about. And December is here and I haven't made goals nor reflected on what I did and did not do in November. I stayed caught up with Tonya's class though I haven't got that quilt to flimsy stage yet. BUT, our class had so much fun that we decided to make Tonya some blocks to say thank you and so that she'll remember her first on-line quilting class! This has been a big secret but anyway this month we made blocks and sent them off to Tonya and yesterday we posted our blocks on the class blog. The only instructions were to include your name in the block and this is mine. I was very happy about being able to make Japanese/Chinese characters (well, actually I've only figured out how to make two) so I included the character for cat in my block.

I also stayed caught up on the 365 Challenge though I must admit, I really didn't want to write yesterday's events for posterity.

Tetsu's vest is in the finishing stages (working on the armholes now. I'll post a picture when I'm done.) I ran out of recycled yarn so I've had to make do with some other color for the collar and armholes. Hmm. This may turn into another piece of clothing for me. (My hand knitting that doesn't quite suit Tetsu's tastes come back to my own closet.)

I did get the When-oh-When quilt into one piece though it still needs borders, so that's one flimsy goal that I didn't meet. Ah well. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. Any suggestions for the border on this?

For December? Keep up with the 365.

I'd really like to finish Tonya's class quilt but it is a slowly growing quilt.

The vest is a Christmas present so that will definitely have to be finished.

The When-oh-When needs a border.

Oh, and I've got to think of some simple Christmas craft for my English kids! If anyone has made something easy with kids that can be crafted in an hour's time please let me know!


anne bebbington said...

There you go then - have faith :o) Love the finished flimsy of the 'When-oh-when'

Luna said...

Oh, Tanya, what a great story !
How wonderful that everything is well expected !!!
I like you new header and your quilt.
Yes, you can be very happy!

Hugs and blessings to you!

Quilt Pixie said...

Isn't it amazing how fickle our emotions can be -- but it wonderfully refreshing when all works out well and we can feel good!

The when-o-when is beautiful... I'm not very good at borders, so no ideas....

Re ideas for your english students one of the activities we "always" did when I was young was take a strip of paper (about 1X5) and carefully print a word relavent to the season... we then chained them together (turned the first into a circle and then everyone after that when through one of the existing circles...) with bright paper they made a great garland for places

Shelina said...

I'm so glad that there was a happy ending to both dogs stories. The block you made for Tonya looks great. It is so sweet of all you online students to make that.

You could have your students make their own nameplates with fabric. Use glue or handstitch them down. A frame would be nice so there isn't actual quilting involved, or maybe some jeans fabric as backing.

When I was a girl scout leader, I just scoured the store for sales. I was able to find some plain baseball caps. I would have prefered bags, but the caps were cheaper. I took stuff they could embellish with, and let the girls go at it with the glue. They turned out rather nice.

andsewitis Holly said...

I love happy endings! There was a reason why the stray pet ended up with you first.

What a wonderful gesture of the class to make blocks for Tonya!

I would say you accomplished a LOT last month. I wish I were that productive.

Elaine Adair said...

Happy day about the dog! And yes, it's such a spirit lifter to know he/she is back home, and you did your part to help.

Simonetta said...

Marvelous news! The dog has now found again his master and the worth is yours, great indeed! The quilt is very beautiful, will be a quilt of effect! For the jobs with the childrens I can signal a link: There are here simple jobs for them! Talk to you soon Ciao ;)))

Nancy said...

Truly you are one of the busiest people I know! I love how the dog story worked out.

Mary said...

I'm so glad the dog was returned home and that Choco didn't run away. I empathize a lot more with animals since we inherited Chesty. He's only gotten out twice in the 5 years we've had him...both times in GA. The first time was not long after we got him and he ran down the street. The second time he didn't leave the yard. He's a house dog so I was furious both times at the people who had let him out because they weren't paying attention.

The quilt looks wonderful and so does your Tonya block!

How about making a holiday card? or folding paper and cutting out snowflakes??

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

your name block is so wonderful - I am really looking forward to seeing it in person. I love it. Happy everything worked out well for all the dogs!

meggie said...

I adore that When O When!!
Good luck with all your projects & finishes.

Beth said...

You have been BUSY! I love the When O When! Do you have scraps left over from the blocks? How about a Piano Key border..or if that is too busy...some flying geese-but not all the way around. Just some hanging out on opposite corners?

I like to make cinnamon ornaments. You make a thick dough with cinnamon and apple sauce (I can get you the amts if you like). Roll them out, cut them out with cookie cutters (cutting a hole for a hanger). They need to dry, but the kids can take them home the next week. They smell LOVELY!

Did you find out anything about the dog? I'm so glad they called you to let you know it got home safely! You would have worried for no reason.