Friday, December 07, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus

Since I was out Christmas shopping today and have just come home I guess there's no need to repeat the old lament that I have not done any sewing nor been creative in any way whatsoever.

So here are some more decorations. I had some of the English kids put them up last night. The kids don't appear to be excited about decorating so sometimes I wonder if I'm slave driving them.

"Here is a thumbtack. Find someplace to put this on a wall."

"Put some decorations on this side of the tree. It looks bald."

The kids look at me like I'm crazy...

I must have made these two hangings way back before Tetsu and I had children. They've weathered the years pretty well don't you think? These were from a kit and looking at them brings back memories of my early days of handwork.

When I was a child my family would go off during the summers to different places in the world and it meant long waits in airports and many hours spent on airplanes not to mention evenings in hotel rooms with a TV broadcasting in a language we couldn't understand. I am grateful to my parents for showing me the world but one of my fondest memories is of doing crewelwork to pass away the hours. (I can't remember what my brother was doing on those trips.) Every year before our trip my mother would take me to a handcraft store to pick out a crewel kit and I would have to wait until we were actually at the first airport before she'd let me break out the needle and yarn. Isn't it true nowadays that we aren't allowed to take scissors and needles on the airplane? Not so when I was still in grade school. I remember one year when I must have been 12 or 13 that some strange man sitting next to me on the plane had a little too much to drink and his hands got out of control. I complained to my father and Dad, who was never one to coddle his children told me to stab the man with my needle! Which I did! Which solved the problem! A very un-Christmas memory but anyway, crewelwork was my first start at working with my hands.

And here is a more modern piece of handwork from a pattern in some recent magazine (recent meaning in the last 10 years). Sorry I can't find the magazine but I did stumble upon the same wall hanging on one of the quilting blogs (and I can't remember whose that was either!) I love it but I really think it needs a Mrs. Santa Claus in red alongside it. Anyone have a red-work Mrs. Santa Claus that might be adapted? If so, let me know!


Shelina said...

Those are pretty decorations, made even more memorable since you made them. You're multi-talented!

anne bebbington said...

I love the Santa Clause in green - who knows I might even get the chance to draw up his spouse for you - leave it with me

dee said...

thanks for the comment on Sauerbraten. I used to stuff myself when given the oportunity so I understand your father completely. There are a lot of free patterns on Turkey Feathers. You can link to it by going to my blog and it's down below yours. She has lovely patterns and some sweet old fashioned ones plus lots of links on her site for redwork and such. Loved hearing from you. I so enjoy your daily chat.

Beth said...

Can you still not take scissors? I have taken needles from day one (the 1st trip I hid ONE in my change purse with the change!) I take scissors and even forgot a seam ripper once! THAT I should have put in the suitcase or left at home!) Only time I ever had anything taken was a set of clippers. I'm still at a loss at what harm you could cause with a set that had no nail file??? I love your green Santa!