Saturday, February 23, 2008

Quilting Time

Today Tetsu commented that I've been working on the When-oh-When an awful long time! It has been in the chair in the living room since the beginning of January and of course in various pieces around the house before it became a flimsy. Let's see. I first posted about it on September 9th and Nadine christened it that day when I was wondering when I'd ever get it done. The quilting has slowed down a bit (see yesterday's post!) but after Tetsu's comment today I've spent a few hours quilting again.

How am I doing? First of all, I'm doing a great job of bending needles. Usually I don't have this problem and I don't know why I am this time. I almost always use Milward needles and I opened a new pack when I started to quilt the pieced border this week and already I've bent three needles beyond use. The light brown thread I bought too is fraying terribly after a few stitches, and I don't usually have this problem either. My friends tease me about the long strands of thread I use when I quilt (because I don't like threading needles?) but with this new thread I start sewing with barely a foot long piece and the outside coating of thread frays and bunches up at the eye of the needle when I pull it through the cloth. Let's say, quilting isn't going so smoothly but I am determined to overcome these obstacles! Shorter lengths of thread and more frequent changes of needles!

I also decided it was too much work to draw straight lines all over the pieced border so I am eye-balling it! Not a fantastic job but since the quilting doesn't show up that much anyway (then why I am doing all this work?) probably no one will notice the wiggly lines.

I'm glad for the When-oh-When which keeps me warm while I quilt it! The days are cold and icy and I swear we must need new insulation because the house is cold!


lj_cox said...

Your thread problem almost sounds like the twist is going the wrong way. Usually, I thread needles so that the end I cut from the spool is where I tie a knot at the end of the thread; the needle goes on the end furthest from the spool. That helps the twist lie smooth and helps it not to tangle so much. If you're already doing that, try reversing it. Though some threads are just obstreperous and nothing but using short lengths helps. Tyre silk is like that for me.

Your qeilting looks lovely. Good luck!

Quilt Pixie said...

sounds like a quilting monster, but I know you can slay it :-)

Marilyn R said...

I love the way your quilt is turning out. Could it be that you have a package of needles that just weren't manufactured properly? It's a thought anyway. Sometimes when I need a straight line and I don't want to make it I use masking tape, line it up where I want the line and quilt away. I do agree with you, no one will notice the wiggly lines - so quilt away!

Shelina said...

It's been snowing here, and when I look at my neighbor's roofs, I can easily tell which ones need more insulation. Too bad I can't see my own roof from my house!

Your quilting looks wonderful, and I am still impressed that you are handquilting such a big quilt. I think I'll try to hand quilt my little circle quilt.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I'd try a new pack of needles. I had several defective packets from my favorite manufacturer and the eye of the needle hadn't been made properly - too small and a bit jagged. I finally tossed them all and am much happier now. Love your hand quilting with the eyeballed lines - looks great.