Sunday, March 30, 2008

A new Work In Progress (sigh)

Yesterday my plan was to go upstairs and make borders for my wonky quilt. So I spread the quilt out on the floor and tried to decide how many pieces of paper I needed to cover in strips in order to get enough for a border to go around. I covered one piece of paper. As I sewed strips I got to thinking that little Luke (see yesterday's post) needs a baby quilt.

"Tanya, are you starting something again? Heidi was so happy with the coat you and Masako-san gave her, she isn't expecting a quilt. You promised not to start something new until you finished this wonky quilt."

"Yeah, but aren't you always saying your time and efforts and quilts shouldn't just be used for yourself? You're making the wonky quilt for yourself AND the 365 challenge quilt for yourself. Tanya, this is what you do! You make quilts, that's one of your few talents so you need to use the time and talent for others so I think you should make a quilt for Luke."

(I talk to myself a lot. It may be a side effect of living in a country where no one understands me.)

To make a long conversation short, I sewed a wonky block that said LUKE and then wondered what I could do with it. At 9:00 at night I was still wondering but I'd pulled more scraps and leaders/enders together and I've gotten this far. I'm assuming that Heidi isn't going to have enough time to be visiting blogs for awhile so I'm showing this as a work in progress

This is not my idea of a heirloom. I think I can get this sewn together (those borders are just laying there) and machine quilted and then tell Heidi that all that light area is supposed to be decorated by Luke with spit up, diaper overflow, and maybe in the future, crayons and grass and fingerprints.

Doesn't the saying go "It's the thought that counts."?


jovaliquilts said...

What kid wouldn't love a bright quilt with his name on it? It's great! My, but you work FAST!

Beth said...

I think Heidi will LOVE it! And don't beat yourself up too much...your heart is in the right place...

The Calico Quilter said...

Lucky Luke. It looks like a wonderful quilt to love and USE. It kind of breaks my heart when people hang baby quilts up on the wall instead of putting them in the crib, wrapping up the baby or putting them on the floor for a play mat. I like my work to be appreciated, but quilts are useful objects in my world, not art. My line is always, "Use it and love it, and if you wear it out I'll make you another one!".

Welcome, Luke! It's a pretty good world, I think you'll like it!

Shelina said...

Wow - you are quick! Any detour from the wonky quilt will be a short one when you work that quickly. It's a nice bright colorful quilt for the baby.

Nancy said...

It is splendid.

n, np

Marilyn R said...

This is going to be a much loved quilt - the best kind!